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Seamheads Historical League Preview – Part 1 of 7 – National Originals Division

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If you’ve been hanging around Seamheads.com for the Seamheads Historical League (SHL for short), we appreciate your patience.  If you happened back on this kicking and screaming as we dragged you back, we look forward to keeping you around for an exciting “simulated” experience for all of the Seamheads out there to enjoy.

It took longer than expected but I think the wait will have been worth it.  Let’s just call this week’s previews to be pitchers and catchers reporting, position players reporting and Spring Training all rolled up into one package because next week, the Seamheads Historical League is due to premiere with Opening Day action with the Reds and Dodgers (starters to be determined).

To get the juices flowing and build some momentum into Opening Day, we thought we’d use this week to introduce the 28 “franchises” involved and who the selected General Managers chose to represent the teams.  Today, the National Originals Division is unveiled and each team’s 40-man roster, and how this writer would set up the team’s depth charts.  Plus, at the bottom of the preview, a prediction of how the division will shake out.

The four teams to comprise the National Originals Division all had their roots in the original National League.  The Chicago Cubs (originally the Chicago White Stockings in 1876, Chicago Colts in 1890, Chicago Orphans in 1898 and finally the Cubs in 1903) and Atlanta Braves (originally the Boston Red Caps in 1876 to Boston Beaneaters in 1883 to Boston Doves in 1907 to Boston Rustlers in 1911 to Boston Braves in 1912 to Boston Bees in 1936 back to Boston Braves in 1941 then moved to Milwaukee in 1953 and then to Atlanta in 1965) are joined by the Philadelphia Phillies (also known as the Philadelphia Quakers from 1883 to 1890 and unofficially the Blue Jays in 1943 and 1944 — it never caught on) and San Francisco Giants (originally the New York Gothams in 1883 then the New York Giants in 1885 and finally moved to San Francisco in 1958).


CHICAGO CUBS (1876-2008, 2 World Championships, 16 Pennants, 18 Playoff Appearances)

GENERAL MANAGER: David Laurila, Baseball Prospectus Writer

40-Man Roster

Catchers (2): Gabby Hartnett, Johnny Kling

Infielders (10): Cap Anson, Ernie Banks, Frank Chance, Bill Dahlen, Mark Grace, Billy Herman, Bill madlock, Aramis Ramirez, Ryne Sandberg, Ron Santo

Outfielders (8): Kiki Cuyler, Andre Dawson, King Kelly, Bill Nicholson, Jimmy Sheckard, Sammy Sosa, Billy Williams, Hack Wilson

Pitchers (20): Pete Alexander, Mordecai Brown, Ryan Dempster, Clark Griffith, Bill Hands, Ken Holtzman, Fergie Jenkins, Greg Maddux, Orval Overall, Milt Pappas, Claude Passeau, Jack Pfeister, Ed Reulbach, Charley Root, Lee Smith, Bruce Sutter, Hippo Vaughn, Lon Warneke, Kerry Wood, Carlos Zambrano


vs. LHP
1. Cap Anson (1B)
2. Ryne Sandberg (2B)
3. Andre Dawson (RF)
4. Hack Wilson (CF)
5. Sammy Sosa (LF)
6. Ernie Banks (SS)
7. Ron Santo (3B)
8. Gabby Hartnett (C)

vs. RHP
1. Anson (1B)
2. Sandberg (2B)
3. Billy Williams (LF)
4. Wilson (CF)
5. Dawson (RF)
6. Banks (SS)
7. Santo (3B)
8. Hartnett (C)

Bench: Sosa/Williams, Mark Grace, Bill Madlock, Bill Dahlen, Jimmy Sheckard, Kiki Cuyler, King Kelly

1. Mordecai Brown
2. John Clarkson
3. Pete Alexander
4. Jack Pfeister
5. Ferguson Jenkins

Bruce Sutter
Kerry Wood
Hippo Vaughn
Ken Holtzman

Lee Smith

On the Farm: Aramis Ramirez, Johnny Kling, Frank Chance, Bill Nicholson, Billy Herman, Clark Griffith, Bill hands, Greg Maddux, Charley Root, Lon Warneke, Ryan Dempster, Milt Pappas, Ed Reulbach, Carlos Zambrano, Claude Passeau

Five Questions…

  • We have Chance… where is Tinker and Evers?
  • Who is the backup catcher, Johnny Kling or Frank Chance who can play 1B and OF or King Kelly who can play 1B and OF?
  • Will the Cubs be hurt by the lack of a true lead-off hitter?
  • Who is this team’s closer — Lee Smith?  Bruce Sutter?  Kerry Wood?  Ryan Dempster?
  • Will Mordecai Brown win 20 games?

ATLANTA BRAVES (1876-2008, 3 World Championships, 17 Pennants, 21 Playoff Appearances)

GENERAL MANAGER: J.C. Bradbury, Economist/Author

40-Man Roster

Catchers (3): Javy Lopez, John Morrill, Joe Torre

Infielders (11): Joe Adcock, Jeff Blauser, Bob Elliott, Marcus Giles, Bob Horner, Chipper Jones, Eddie Mathews, Fred McGriff, Ezra Sutton, Earl Torgeson, Sam Wise

Outfielders (9): Hank Aaron, Wally Berger, Rico Carty, Sid Gordon, Billy Hamilton, Andruw Jones, David Justice, Ryan Klesko, Dale Murphy

Pitchers (17): Steve Avery, Rick Camp, John Clarkson, Bill Dineen, Gene Garber, Tom Glavine, Tim Hudson, Charlie Liebrandt, Greg Maddux, Rick Mahler, Kid Nichols, Phil Niekro, Johnny Sain, John Smoltz, Warren Spahn, Vic Willis, Jaret Wright


vs. LHP
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Chipper Jones (3B)
3. Hank Aaron (RF)
4. Rico Carty (LF)
5. Joe Adcock (1B)
6. Bob Elliott (SS)
7. Joe Torre (C)
8. Brian Giles (2B)

vs. RHP
1. Hamilton (CF)
2. C.Jones (LF)
3. Eddie Mathews (3B)
4. Aaron (RF)
5. Fred McGriff (1B)
6. Torre (C)
7. Elliott (SS)
8. Sam Wise (2B)

Bench: Carty/Mathews, Adcock/McGriff, Wise/Giles, Javy Lopez, Jeff Blauser, Dale Murphy, Wally Berger

1. Greg Maddux
2. Kid Nichols
3. John Clarkson
4. Tom Glavine
5. Warren Spahn

Steve Avery
Rick Camp
Gene Garber
Bill Dinneen

John Smoltz

On the Farm: John Morrill, Earl Torgeson, Bob Horner, Ezra Sutton, Sid Gordon, Ryan Klesko, Andruw Jones, David Justice, Tim Hudson, Charlie Liebrandt, Johnny Sain, Vic Willis, Jaret Wright, Rick Mahler, Phil Niekro

Five Questions…

  • Does another pitcher step up to take Spahn or Glavine’s spot in the rotation and move a lefty to the bullpen and Avery to the farm or is Avery good enough to be the lefty out of the ‘pen?
  • How do you get Chipper Jones and Eddie Mathews enough playing time?
  • Is it better to platoon Hamilton in center and lose a traditional lead-off hitter vs. lefties?
  • Earl Torgeson or Fred McGriff?
  • Is there a better solution at second and essentially at the bottom of the lineup?

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES (2 World Championships, 6 Pennants, 11 Playoff Appearances)

GENERAL MANAGER: James Dutton, Operations Manager/Larry Fleisher, MLB.com Datacaster

40-Man Roster

Catchers (2): Bob Boone, Darren Daulton

Infielders (13): Dick Allen, Dave Bancroft, Larry Bowa, Roger Connor, Jimmie Foxx, Ryan Howard, Mickey Morandini, Scott Rolen, Jimmy Rollins, Pete Rose, Juan Samuel, Mike Schmidt, Chase Utley

Outfielders (11): Richie Ashburn, Gavvy Cravath, Ed Delahanty, Lenny Dykstra, Elmer Flick, Billy Hamilton, Chuck Klein, Greg Luzinski, Sam Thompson, Shane Victorino, Hack Wilson

Pitchers (14): Pete Alexander, Steve Bedrosian, Jim Bunning, Steve Carlton, John Denny, Cole Hamels, Ferguson Jenkins, Jim Konstanty, Brad Lidge, Roger McDowell, Robin Roberts, Kent Tekulve, Billy Wagner, Mitch Williams


vs. LHP
1. Jimmy Rollins (SS)
2. Elmer Flick (RF)
3. Dick Allen (1B)
4. Mike Schmidt (3B)
5. Ed Delahanty (LF)
6. Juan Samuel (2B)
7. Shane Victorino (CF)
8. Bob Boone (C)

vs. RHP
1. Richie Ashburn (CF)
2. Chase Utley (2B)
3. Dick Allen (3B)
4. Ryan Howard (1B)
5. Chuck Klein (LF)
6. Elmer Flick (RF)
7. Darren Daulton (C)
8. Jimmy Rollins (SS)

Bench: Boone/Daulton, Schmidt/Howard, Samuel/Utley, Delahanty/Klein, Victorino/Ashburn, Lenny Dykstra, Larry Bowa

1. Pete Alexander
2. Steve Carlton
3. Jim Bunning
4. Robin Roberts
5. Cole Hamels

Mitch Williams
Steve Bedrosian
Jim Konstanty
Kent Tekulve

Brad Lidge

On the Farm: Roger Connor, Pete Rose, Jimmie Foxx, Mickey Morandini, Scott Rolen, Dave Bancroft, Greg Luzinski, Hack Wilson, Sam Thompson, Gavvy Cravath, Ferguson Jenkins, John Denny, Roger McDowell, Billy Wagner

Five Questions…

  • Is the pitching staff deep enough for a 154-game season?
  • Two catchers?  What happens if Daulton or Boone go down?
  • If Jimmie Foxx, Hack Wilson and Ferguson Jenkins get a spot, where is Ryne Sandberg?
  • Will Scott Rolen and Billy Wagner badmouth Philadelphia the entire time they are on the farm (if they are on the farm)?
  • Lots of lefty options at the plate… why not out of the bullpen?

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS (1883-2008, 5 World Championships, 20 Pennants, 24 Playoff Appearances)

GENERAL MANAGER: John Buccigross, ESPN Anchor

40-Man Roster

Catchers (4): Ernie Lombardi, Chief Myers, Benito Santiago, Wes Westrum

Infielders (13): Rich Aurilia, Orlando Cepeda, Will Clark, Frankie Frisch, Jeff Kent, Freddie Lindstrom, Willie McCovey, Dan McGann, Fred Merkle, Johnny Mize, Bill Terry, Robby Thompson, Matt Williams

Outfielders (8): Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonds, Monte Irvin, Willie Mays, Mel Ott, Mike Tiernan, George Van Haltren

Pitchers (15): Rod Beck, Carl Hubbell, Tim Lincecum, Juan Marichal, Rube Marquard, Christy Mathewson, Joe McGinnity, Robb Nen, Gaylord Perry, Amos Rusie, Jason Schmidt, Fred Toney, Mickey Welch, Hoyt Wilhelm, Brian Wilson


vs. LHP
1. Frankie Frisch (3B)
2. Bobby Bonds (RF)
3. Willie Mays (CF)
4. Barry Bonds (LF)
5. Willie McCovey (1B)
6. Jeff Kent (2B)
7. Chief Meyers (C)
8. Rich Aurilia (SS)

vs. RHP
1. Frisch (SS)
2. Mays (CF)
3. Ba. Bonds (LF)
4. McCovey (1B)
5. Mel Ott (RF)
6. Bill Terry (3B)
7. Kent (2B)
8. Meyers (C)

Bench: Terry/Aurilia, Bo.Bonds/Ott, Monte Irvin, Johnny Mize, Robby Thompson, Matt Williams, Ernie Lombardi

1. Christy Mathewson
2. Rube Marquard
3. Joe McGinnity
4. Carl Hubbell
5. Tim Lincecum

Hoyt Wilhelm
Juan Marichal
Robb Nen
Brian Wilson

Rod Beck

On the Farm: Benito Santiago, Wes Westrum, Orlando Cepeda, Fred Merkle, Will Clark, Dan McGann, Freddie Lindstrom, George Van Haltren, Mike Tiernan, Ross Youngs, Jason Schmidt, Fred Toney, Mickey Welch, Gaylord Perry, Amos Rusie

Five Questions…

  • We all know chicks dig the long ball but does Buccigross dig the first baseman?
  • Will an all-righty bullpen be a big downfall or does Hubbell or Marquard go the bullpen?
  • Were there better options at shortstop?
  • How many does simulated Barry hit against some of the greatest pitching ever?
  • Is there any chance for another “Merkle Boner”?

With the rosters recapped, here is the prediction:

1. Giants
2. Cubs
3. Phillies
4. Braves

Division MVP: Barry Bonds, Giants
Division Cy Young: Mordecai Brown, Cubs


6 Responses to “Seamheads Historical League Preview – Part 1 of 7 – National Originals Division”
  1. Justin Murphy says:

    That Braves rotation is way underrated- Clarkson, Nichols, Spahn and Maddux? Although I have to say that Ryan Klesko and Jeff Blauser are going to feel pretty out of place.

  2. David Laurila says:

    It was asked: “Will the Cubs be hurt by the lack of a true lead-off hitter?”

    Cap Anson, who I have slotted to lead off, had a career .393 OBP and finished in the top 10 in OBP 19 times. He led the league four times.

  3. Mike Lynch says:

    Smoltz is a bit of a wild card for the Braves as he’s currently in the starting rotation, but could easily take over the closer role from Gene Garber. That would also allow the Braves to move Glavine into the rotation, giving them two southpaws instead of only Spahn.

  4. Mike Lynch says:

    David Laurila wrote: “Cap Anson, who I have slotted to lead off, had a career .393 OBP and finished in the top 10 in OBP 19 times. He led the league four times.”

    It’s also interesting to note that Anson’s SB rating is 14 (out of 20) and only one point less than Billy Hamilton, who stole 636 more bases than Anson. Hamilton got credit (in our league) for only 274 because that’s how many he stole while with the “Braves,” but I wasn’t expecting Anson’s SB rating to be comparable. I also wonder how the lack of CS data affects the ratings.

    Either way, I think it will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

  5. David Laurila says:

    I might add that my Cubs team has the most name pizzazz, with a starting lineup that includes Cap, King, Hack and Gabby. My rotation includes Mordecai, Orvel and Fergie, and my bullpen Hippo and Clark.

  6. Mike Lynch says:

    Don’t forget Ryne. Seriously how many people have you ever come across in your life named Ryne?

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