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Seamheads Historical League Preview – Part 4 of 7 – American Midwest Division

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Yesterday, we introduced the most stacked division and today we introduce another loaded division with the introduction of the American Midwest.  Like yesterday’s four teams, these four made their debut in 1901 in the American League.

The only team of the four to start their franchise in a different city, the Baltimore Orioles (initially the Milwaukee Brewers in 1901 then the St. Louis Browns from 1902 to 1953 before moving to Baltimore as the Orioles in 1954) are joined by the Chicago White Sox(always the Chicago White Sox), the Cleveland Indians(originally known as the Cleveland Blues in 1901, the Bronchos in 1902, the Naps from 1903 to 1914 and finally the Indians from 1915 on) and the Detroit Tigers (always the Tigers). 

BALTIMORE ORIOLES (1901-2008, 3 World Championships, 7 Pennants, 11 Playoff Appearances)

GENERAL MANAGER: Roy Firestone, Entertainer/Author

40-Man Roster

Catchers (4): Andy Etchebarren, Elrod Hendricks, Chris Hoiles, Gus Triandos

Infielders (16): Roberto Alomar, Luis Aparicio, Mark Belanger, Mike Bordick, Rich Dauer, Doug DeCinces, Jim Gentile, Bobby Grich, Davey Johnson, Melvin Mora, Eddie Murray, Rafael Palmeiro, Boog Powell, Cal Ripken Jr., Brian Roberts, Brooks Robinson

Outfielders (6): Don Baylor, Paul Blair, Al Bumbry, Frank Robinson, Ken Singleton, Nick Markakis

Pitchers (14): Mike Cuellar, Mike Flanagan, Dick Hall, Dennis Martinez, Tippy Martinez, Scott McGregor, Dave McNally, Stu Miller, Mike Mussina, Randy Myers, Jim Palmer, Milt Pappas, Robin Roberts, Hoyt Wilhelm


vs. LHP
1. Roberto Alomar (2B)
2. Ken Singleton (RF)
3. Frank Robinson (LF)
4. Eddie Murray (1B)
5. Cal Ripken Jr. (SS)
6. Brooks Robinson (3B)
7. Paul Blair (CF)
8. Chris Hoiles (C)

vs. RHP
1. R.Alomar (2B)
2. Nick Markakis (RF)
3. F.Robinson (LF)
4. Boog Powell (1B)
5. Ripken (SS)
6. B.Robinson (3B)
7. Al Bumbry (CF)
8. Hoiles (C)

Bench: Murray/Powell, Blair/Bumbry, Singleton/Markakis, Gus Triandos, Bobby Grich, Melvin Mora, Luis Aparicio

1. Jim Palmer
2. Robin Roberts
3. Mike Mussina
4. Mike Flanagan
5. Milt Pappas

Randy Myers
Tippy Martinez
Hoyt Wilhelm
Dick Hall

Stu Miller

On the Farm: Elrod Hendricks, Andy Etchebarren, Rafael Palmeiro, Jim Gentile, Rich Dauer, Davey Johnson, Doug DeCinces, Don Baylor, Mike Bordick, Dennis Martinez, Scott McGregor, Mike Cuellar, Dave McNally

Five Questions… 

  • Does the Orioles lack of any player from their time in St. Louis make this roster the most controversial of the league?
  • Do the simulated Baltimore fans shout “OH!” during the National Anthem?
  • Is anyone besides me disappointed that the man withthe greatest name in baseball — Urban Shocker — couldn’t find a spot on the Orioles or the Yankees?
  • Am I the only one who would have snuck Reggie Jackson and his one season in Baltimore on the roster?
  • Does a roster consisting of exclusively All-Time Great Orioles mean an extra helping of “Orioles Magic”?

CHICAGO WHITE SOX (1901-2008, 3 World Championships, 6 Pennants, 9 Playoff Appearances)

GENERAL MANAGER: Mike Vaccaro, New York Post Writer/Author

40-Man Roster

Catchers (3): Carlton Fisk, Sherm Lollar, Ray Schalk

Infielders (11): Dick Allen, Luis Aparicio, Luke Appling, Eddie Collins, Nellie Fox, Bill Melton, Frank Thomas, Buck Weaver, Robin Ventura, Paul Konerko, Joe Crede

Outfielders (12): Tommie Agee, Harold Baines, Jermaine Dye, Oscar Gamble, Joe Jackson, Ron Kittle, Carlos Lee, Greg Luzinski, Carlos May, Minnie Minoso, Magglio Ordonez, Aaron Rowand

Pitchers (14): Mark Buehrle, Ed Ciccote, Red Faber, Alex Fernandez, LaMarr Hoyt, Ted Lyons, Jack McDowell, Gary Peters, Billy Pierce, Bobby Thigpen, Ed Walsh, Hoyt Wilhelm, Wilbur Wood, Early Wynn


vs. LHP
1. Joe Jackson (LF)
2. Eddie Collins (2B)
3. Oscar Gamble (RF)
4. Dick Allen (1B)
5. Luke Appling (SS)
6. Joe Crede (3B)
7. Tommie Agee (CF)
8. Carlton Fisk (C)

vs. RHP
1. J.Jackson (LF)
2. E.Collins (2B)
3. Gamble (RF)
4. D.Allen (1B)
5. Appling (SS)
6. Robin Ventura (3B)
7. Agee (CF)
8. Fisk (C)

Bench: Ventura/Crede, Ray Schalk, Frank Thomas, Nellie Fox, Luis Aparicio, Minnie Minoso, Harold Baines

1. Ed Walsh
2. Early Wynn
3. Ed Ciccote
4. Gary Peters
5. Mark Buehrle

Billy Pierce
Wilbur Wood
Red Faber
Bobby Thigpen

Hoyt Wilhelm

On the Farm: Sherm Lollar, Paul Konerko, Bill Melton, Buck Weaver, Greg Luzinski, Carlos May, Ron Kittle, Magglio Ordonez, Jermaine Dye, Aaron Rowand, Carlos Lee, Ted Lyons, Jack McDowell, LaMarr Hoyt, Alex Fernandez

Five Questions…

  • Does Frank Thomas get the edge at first because of his length of service in Chicago or are Dick Allen’s three great years in Chicago just too much to overlook?
  • Is this team overloaded with starting pitching and lacking in the relief department (Jerry Staley comes to mind)?
  • Will a simulated Robin Ventura think twice about charging Nolan Ryan?
  • And what about the members of the Black Sox… would they repeat history, too?
  • And what about the promotions department… would they repeat history and try Disco Demolition Night again?

CLEVELAND INDIANS (1901-2008, 2 World Championships, 5 Pennants, 10 Playoff Appearances)

GENERAL MANAGER: Joe Posnanski, Kansas City Star Writer/Author

40-Man Roster

Catchers (3): Sandy Alomar, Jim Hegan, Johnny Romano

Infielders (11): Roberto Alomar, Buddy Bell, Lou Boudreau, Ray Chapman, Duane Kuiper, Nap Lajoie, Al Rosen, Joe Sewell, Jim Thome, Hal Trosky, Omar Vizquel

Outfielders (8): Earl Averill, Albert Belle, Rocky Colavito, Larry Doby, Joe Jackson, Manny Ramirez, Grady Sizemore, Tris Speaker

Pitchers (18): Bert Blyleven, Bartolo Colon, Stan Coveleski, Bob Feller, Wes Ferrell, Mike Garcia, Mel Harder, Doug Jones, Addie Joss, Bob Lemon, Sam McDowell, Don Mossi, Gaylord Perry, CC Sabathia, Herb Score, Greg Swindell, Luis Tiant, Early Wynn


vs. LHP
1. Joe Jackson (RF)
2. Tris Speaker (CF)
3. Nap Lajoie (2B)
4. Albert Belle (LF)
5. Hal Trosky (1B)
6. Al Rosen (3B)
7. Lou Boudreau (SS)
8. Sandy Alomar (C)

vs. RHP
1. J.Jackson (RF)
2. Speaker (CF)
3. Lajoie (2B)
4. Belle (LF)
5. Trosky (1B)
6. Jim Thome (3B)
7. Joe Sewell (SS)
8. S.Alomar (C)

Bench: Boudreau/Sewell, Rosen/Thome, Johnny Romano, Ray Chapman, Duane Kuiper, Manny Ramirez, Earl Averill

1. Addie Joss
2. Sam McDowell
3. Bob Feller
4. CC Sabathia
5. Gaylord Perry

Greg Swindell
Herb Score
Doug Jones
Bob Lemon

Don Mossi

On the Farm: Jim Hegan, Buddy Bell, Rocky Colavito, Larry Doby, Grady Sizemore, Omar Vizquel, Luis Tiant, Early Wynn, Bartolo Colon, Stan Coveleski, Wes Ferrell, Mike Garcia, Mel Harder

Five Questions…

  • Could Joe Jackson, Tris Speaker and Nap Lajoie finish 1-2-3 in the race for the batting title?
  • How many RBI opportunities does that create for the cleanup hitter if they bat 1-2-3 in the order?
  • Like the White Sox, does this team have too much starting pitching?
  • How much playing time does Manny Ramirez get?
  • Is it too much of a defensive sacrifice to work Jim Thome into the lineup at third base?

DETROIT TIGERS (1901-2008, 4 World Championships, 10 Pennants, 12 Playoff Appearances)

GENERAL MANAGER: Rod Nelson, Editor/Project Manager

40-Man Roster

Catchers (3): Bill Freehan, Ivan Rodriguez, Mickey Tettleton

Infielders (12): Norm Cash, Cecil Fielder, Charlie Gehringer, Hank Greenberg, Carlos Guillen, George Kell, Dick McAuliffe, Tony Phillips, Billy Rogell, Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker, Rudy York

Outfielders (10): Ty Cobb, Rocky Colavito, Sam Crawford, Kirk Gibson, Harry Heilmann, Willie Horton, Al Kaline, Harvey Kuenn, Magglio Ordonez, Bobby Veach

Pitchers (15): Tommy Bridges, Jim Bunning, Harry Coveleski, Mark Fidrych, Willie Hernandez, John Hiller, Ed Killian, Firpo Marberry, Jack Morris, Hal Newhouser, Dick Radatz, Schoolbowe Rowe, Dizzy Trout, Virgil Trucks, Joel Zumaya


vs. LHP
1. Ty Cobb (CF)
2. Lou Whitaker (2B)
3. Sam Crawford (RF)
4. Hank Greenberg (1B)
5. Bobby Veach (LF)
6. Charlie Gehringer (3B)
7. Bill Freehan (C)
8. Alan Trammell (SS)

vs. RHP
1. Cobb (CF)
2. Carlos Guillen (SS)
3. Crawford (RF)
4. Greenberg (1B)
5. Veach (LF)
6. Gehringer (3B)
7. Freehan (C)
8. Whitaker (2B)

Bench: Trammell/C.Guillen, Ivan Rodriguez, Norm Cash, Dick McAuliffe, Tony Phillips, Al Kaline, Harry Heilmann

1. Jim Bunning
2. Hal Newhouser
3. Dizzy Trout
4. Virgil Trucks
5. Tommy Bridges

Jim Hiller
Harry Coveleski
Jack Morris
Joel Zumaya

Willie Hernandez

On the Farm: Mickey Tettleton, Cecil Fielder, Rudy York, George Kell, Willie Horton, Kirk Gibson, Harvey Kuenn, Magglio Ordonez, Billy Rogell, Rocky Colavito, Ed Killian, Mark Fidrych, Firpo Marberry, Dick Radatz, Schoolboy Rowe

Five Questions…

  • If I were a beat writer for the Tigers and picked Joe Jackson to win the batting title over Ty Cobb, do you think Cobb would talk to me at all that season?
  • Where is Denny McLain?
  • How often does Harry Heilmann move into the lineup at first or in the outfield?
  • Does Cecil Fielder’s big bat belong somewhere on the 25-man roster?
  • Would you be tempted to put Mark Fidrych and his antics into at least the bullpen?

Now that the second American Division has been previewed, here’s the prediction:

1. Indians
2. Tigers
3. White Sox
4. Orioles

American Midwest MVP – Joe Jackson, Indians
American Midwest Cy Young – Addie Joss, Indians


3 Responses to “Seamheads Historical League Preview – Part 4 of 7 – American Midwest Division”
  1. Bob R. says:

    Before reading the questions, I was stunned that no St. Louis Browns made the Orioles roster. Not Sisler or Clift or Ken Williams? Even Wally Schang, who had 1 excellent year and 2 pretty decent ones there seems a reasonable choice. And no pitchers either. Why is that?

    I was also surprised that Mickey Lolich could not find a spot on Detroit’s roster.

  2. Justin Murphy says:

    Cleveland has some fierce starting pitching

  3. Mike Lynch says:


    The Orioles are run by Roy Firestone, who is a huge Orioles fan. When we established the ground rules we made it clear that players from the entire history of each team’s franchise were eligible to be selected. But we also made it clear that the GMs’ decisions would be honored, and if they wanted to build rosters of guys whose names started with the letter Q, they could (thankfully no one took us up on that one).

    I was disappointed as well that Firestone didn’t dip into the Browns’ history to pull out some players. Sisler, Williams, Shocker, Baby Doll Jacobson, Clift, Vern Stephens, Harry Howell, Rube Waddell, and Jack Powell all would have been good choices.

    But Firestone decided to go with nothing but Orioles.

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