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If This “Return” Produces Nostalgia The Yankees Are Fried

March 19, 2012 by · 3 Comments 

Well, actually fried, which is much lower than editions capable of causing real nostalgia, are since 1965, above all because they have not had the sports shame that make them validate the feat that turned in perhaps 75 per cent in the history of major league baseball. Of course, absolute liability, or should I say “irresponsibility”? offices.

The Yankees are no longer the Yankees from time, but also another club of alternatives, whose trademark of the past 40 years have been the controversy or scandal, sometimes; others, because the impact by the waste of money, unjustified and little resulting in the ground more than once, has overcome to critically favorable according to its possibilities.

15 years ago that Jim Palmer, released during his entire career with the Baltimore, after several retired, announced that “returning” and even had his chance in the spring, at that time, the man took some time as a tenant of Cooperstown and announced “sexy” underwear. It failed because the creator put “his hand” to make the attempt unsuccessful sovereign, little sand as contribution divine, although useless, to the salvation of a sport that is likely to disappear as a national pastime, but importance relative…matter of time.

Well, now returned from vacation, which seems to have been what was Andy Pettitte, the Bronx Club. A contract of minor league, an invitation to training camp and 2.5 million by “the joke” has been, until now, the media noise; In addition to an unusual and unknown “virtue as new Nostradamus” of Derek Jeter, just declare “I knew that returning…” only lacked “was them told”, as accomplished premonition convincing.

If such things have not been constituted in vices whose final stop is the ruin of the game, then all the reasons that have justified the fall of the Roman Empire are, more than irrational, disposable; ultimately, it was decadence, yesterday with Rome today with baseball and with society at large, the cause of the catastrophe.

I have read a chronicler refer to the consummation of the return of Pettitte, after his fraudulent holyday retire of two years, as able to fill the clubhouse of spring training of the Yankees with “nostalgic ideas”, usually only justified when this misery is imposed and the unreachable memory of glorious days is the only possible pillow where lie the pains and sorrows. To make matters worse, this player may not evoke any stage of greatness of the club, because he is a convicted member discredited and rogue era not only of the franchise, but major league baseball, but so are the times.

If the left-handler pitcher has been able to raise the level of that mixture of sadness and melancholy nostalgia is, the former Bomber are uncleared. Simply, since from some time, they are living history.


3 Responses to “If This “Return” Produces Nostalgia The Yankees Are Fried”
  1. Paul Dunn says:

    Andy Pettitte was undervalued by Yankee management for far too many years. The year that Cashman let Pettitte “test the market” resulted in the loss of a solid lefty in the rotation. I don’t know how much Pettitte has left, but I doubt that you do either.
    Then again, it is hard to discern much meaning from your convoluted prose.

  2. andres pascual says:

    Dear Paul, thank you for reading what I write, excuse my convoluted prose, that expose is my opionion and I can assure you that I consider it a generational shame to Pettitte and the modern Yankees as unworthy of the name glorious, even if the world criticized me. His friend Andres Pascual.

  3. Paul Dunn says:

    Dear Andres,
    My apologies for calling your prose convoluted, it was a cheap shot that was uncalled for. I really don’t know why Pettitte has decided to make a comeback and I agree about the unfortunate connection with , as you so aptly put it, “the rogue era”. If one listens to players turned commentators today one would think that Barry Bonds home run record was on the level. I am old enough to have seen the likes of Mantle, Ford and Berra at their best. I also lived through the Horace Clarke era and the lost decade of the 1980s. I try not to be cynical but one cannot ignore a period in the history of the game when records were supposedly broken only to find out that the ball wasn’t juiced but some of the players were. Perhaps we are more in agreement than I realized.
    Again My Apologies

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