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Beane, The Proof Of A Genius

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Modernity puts fear, the use or abuse of the “sacred” word are more present than love today: “legend”, the first thing that appears; “diva”, a singer which detune and not the lyrics of the songs that bad knows, but there is “knowledgeable and enthusiastic” public to support the profane bautism.

The adjective “genius” only applied to one of two opponents of the confrontation “almost sport” (perhaps I should say “falsely”) of the chess game.

However, in these times is it hung to the controversial CEO of white elephants, Billy Beane, the way how he managed the club from its responsibility to administrator and which, to the profane, only can be seen in movements with players such as changes, sales, acquisitions…

I do not know if Beane follows it such an adjective, I am unable to appreciate if your size is X, natural XL, or medium. But could be like the rappers: bizarre and big clothing with limited or non-existent professional class, most of the time, most shouts unjustified media always.

Functions of Office, from my very limited point of view, in the only baseball has been an individual that can sustain the heavy burden of the genius on his powerful shoulders, so “innovated” with decisions and proposals: Mr. Branch Rickey.

As that everything has a test that may appear at the least indicated time, the genius of Billy Beane could undergo scrutiny radical absolute this own year, through the contract given to a player who arrived from Cuba without professional experience, who has not played in a competitive baseball never: Yoenis Céspedes.

I saw hit in Dominican Republic Céspedes, as any player who try in these times, should be able to play in major league baseball: power, good arm, strong and…26 years. If that is his real age, a little more than that must have a rookie who never saw a change of speed, to adapt to the alleged and almost doubtful today, class of the game of the largest.

That it can succeed as wanted it to sell, “a promise exceeding Willie Mays”, it is a joke to the public as large as when the Cinci hired a young Eric Davis and promoted it as “equal or superior to the immortal of the Giants”.

If Cespedes could do as Eric Davis, just as this outfielder, would place it among the 10 best Cuban ballplayers of all time, what should to be seen and is doubtful.

“You will have your good days and your bad days”, said Beane recently.” I don’t know if there is benefit in making a daily assessment. It has great physical talent, and is fun to see it in each turn while we learn about him “.

Thus “the genius” referred to what should be mandatory with a player like the Cuban who, by the way as speech Manager, should consider projected him capable of much more than what they did McGwire and Canseco together between 1988-1990.

And this was the response of the cuban: “for me the differences are the conditions for sports training and the consistency of the quality of this baseball”, said the warden.”I think it is quite the difference compared with Cuba ”

If you understand well, what the guy see front are a little more difficult obstacles to face that “the windmills of Quixote”.

If Yoenis hits 20 home runs, with 80 RBI’s and average. 275, good figures for a “normal” in its first year promise, Billy Beane lost the quality of genius, because the money that gave him, more other contract clauses, is superior to a winner of the rookie of the year previous, only comparable to the deserved by whom ended near the Triple Crown.

Manager instrument of Rickey (because the press deems as well), he got himself in deep field: has made millionaire to a baseball player without evidence on any side and based on the uncertain, not what he did, but with the security of “what will do”; so doubtful as predicting that the Athletics will win the world series this year, which is a possibility, but, between how many?

My way of seeing things, Ozzie Guillén experiment and its successful conclusion with Alexei Ramirez are unrepeatable in this baseball, but if be given again, better than major league baseball, ESPN and everyone involved in this business, buy the rights of transmission of the national series of tyranny, and they replace this say that the best baseball in the world with those.

With regard to the player, I wish luck him, because Cuban Baseball needs someone to recall his personality disappeared to the force and by decree, which put on the table again which ever represented as class to the organized baseball.


2 Responses to “Beane, The Proof Of A Genius”
  1. Steve Ryan says:

    Is it just me or is this article hard to read? If it is written in a second language, editing would help.

  2. andres pascual says:

    Steve, thanks so much for read my artcles, I will try to make better every day for intelligents fans like you, again, thanks

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