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The Yankees Of New York 1921-1964: Empire And Dynasty

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The New York Yankees aren’t the franchise more representatives have in Cooperstown, this distinction is also a heritage of the Giants, who once represented the city of skyscrapers in the National League, but “The Yankees were always the Yankees”.

Babe Ruth came to New York because the management of the Boston Red Sox grew tired of supporting irregular and fractious behavior of great player, one night itself and another also, the Babe kept occupied the Office of the club interceding for him at the police station existed in the city. This is the true story of the sale that gave birth to “the curse” surpassed in 2004.

By pain in his left arm, one of the most effective left-handers pitchers in both leagues, then led to that it was moved to the outfield. This maneuver resulted which was born not only the best hitter of all time, but the better and important player in the history of the game…It was 1920, and with the arrival of the Bambino, were born the New York Yankees to fame in the American national pastime.

In 1921, Babe Ruth hit a home run 121 career, which placed it of leader for the first time in the history of major league baseball, however, for the press event was overshadowed by another arising out of the same home run, as the headline was that the ball traveled 573 feet of the home.

In 1921 the Yankees attended the world series against their neighbors New York Giants and lost 3-5 but that year was born Ruth, Home Run Baker, Bob Meusel, Rip Collins, Elmer Miller, Roger Peckinpaugh, Wally Pip, Waite Hoyt, Aaron Ward, Jack Quinn, Mike McNally, The DeVormer, Carl Mays and Wally Schang the most famous sports club in history who, in a very short time, win the nicks of Mules in Manhattan, Bronx Bombers or Murders Row, that to establish definitive residence in the famous New York neighborhood where opened Yankee Stadium in 1923…

When the Boston Red Sox won the world series in 1918, behind the club was Ed Barrow who, with his intelligence and bright Executive Master mobility, achieved this feat, but when he managed the Yankees, was that he made the history, between 1921-1945, through purchases, changes, he built the first club of the big stage of the tenants in the Yankee Stadium in work combined with the owner, Colonel Jacob Ruppert, who built the famous stadium.

The Decade of the 20’s was witness to fame in spiral of the Yankees, especially since 1925, when enter the club Columbia Lou, the immortal Iron Gehrig’s Horse, a starter whose seal of distinction was push runners, hit extra bases and connect on .330 and who was the most powerful one-two in “the clutch” of all time with Babe Ruth, .

The arrival of Herbert Pennock, a pitcher who bought him to the Boston Red Sox, strengthened the staff and he built the road to the hurler to the Hall of Fame.

Between 1921 and 1928, the Yankees were in 6 World Series with equal balance of 3 and 3, two of the defeats against their neighbors in the Polo Grounds, the Giants of John McGraw.

However, in 1929, 30 and 31, the Bombers had challenged with losers results, the powerful White Elephants or the legendary Connie Mack Philadelphia Athletics who managed to establish a virtually unbeatable team during those years and that only the financial inability of Mack to pay their stars forced him to disband into Detroit and Boston Red Sox, no one knows what would have been the course of American League through ten years, if that team had continued together: Jimmie Foxx, Ben Chapman, Mule Haas, Jimmy Dykes, Al Simmons, Mickey Cochrane, Joe Boley, Max Bishop…y with incredible Lefty Grove, Jack Quinn, Howard Ehmke, Rube Walberg or George Earnshaw in the staff, were the core of the great club.

Those Athletics have possibly been the first club in the modern era to break up because of financial problems relating to payroll, because they had a lot of superstars that rest in Cooperstown.

The last World Series of Babe Ruth to the Yankees, in 1932, the Mules swept 4-0 against the Cubs was in which the famous event occurred when the Bambino pointed out towards the depth of the right-center, launching Charles Root and beyond deposited the ball.

In 1936 returned the Yankees to the World Series, did them so with a young recruits although that had conspicuous with the SealS of San Francisco of the Coast of the Pacific League, where he had made a whopping 17 errors in a double game as a shortstop, but he hit safe consecutive during 61 games.

Joe Dimaggio became the centerfielder of the Mules of Manhattan and was about this player who became the true story of the club unbeaten by their game safe and elegant and his powerful and timely hitting, started shooting legend, reinforced by Bob Feller, consistent, “…IF Joe came in a compromised position, the Yankees knew they win and you  were defeat”

Joe Dimaggio was the most brilliant, impressive and important player of the Yankees at all times and was surrounded by a group of players, several are in Cooperstown, the last, Joe Gordon, but, in the general sense, those Yankees for four decades, more than constellations of stars, were clubs that made the game intelligent, brave and “team work” the real key to its sustained success.

Players of the stature of Charles “King Kong” Keller, Tommy Heinrich, Frank Crossetti, Tony Lazzeri, Lefty Gomez, Red Rolfe, Johnny Murphy, Phil Rizzuto, Jake Powell, Red Ruffing, Monte Pearson, George Stirnweiss, Nick Etten, Atley Donald, Alternatively, with support to Joe Dimaggio, made the history of the club and their personals.

Between 1936 and 1951, the Yankees attended 11 World Series with nine earned.

For the last campaign of Joe Dimaggio, 1951, arrived from Oklahoma the son of a miner with only 20 years, whose father, baseball fan and amateur catcher put Mickey in honor to his hero, the immortal Mickey Cochrane,

Mantle symbolized the circumstance do you see around the world that the club always had the ideal relay in sport class and attractive to crowds. Already, since 1947, the ineffable Yogi Berra, material of Cooperstown since started to major league baseball, and for five years, would be his partner The Scooter, Phil Rizzuto, since 1949 the former marine Hank Bauer had become valuable to the mules one-piece. That year acquired for five seasons in one of the big hitters in history and Johnny Mize helped them win five consecutive with its enormous power World Series, also in 1951 presented to the Yankee pitcher the big southpaw Whitey Ford, the youngest to win a game of world series, which concluded his career in 1967 with 236-102, in addition, that year started playing in the infield Gil McDougald, who gave him the award to the American Rookie of the year in the League, to the detriment of the legitimate winner, Cuban Orestes Miñoso.

Bobby Brown still played two years more than that decade at third base, waiting for to develop Andy Carey and Bill Moose Skowron, Irvin Noren, Willy Miranda, Gene Woodling, Allie Reynolds, Vic Raschi, Ed Lopat, Charlie Silvera, Tommy Byrne, Bobby Kucks, Bob Grimm or Johnny Sain and Bob Turley, more the mediocre Don Larsen with Tony Kubek, who also played in the 60’s the Yankees of the Decade of the 1950s.

Mickey Mantle was named for Casey Stengel “The best player of a one-legged born”, but it was more than that, was a true wonder competing against each other in physical inequality conditions.

The famous number 7 of the Yankees was a devastating combination of punch with never ranked in the highest speed, capable of timing 3.3 home first and send the ball at 565 feet, were not 900 by the eaves of the stadiums that stopped some connections of home run.

By its high moral game, Mantle was angry when the media portrayed him just deplorable legs with osteomyelitis or by serious injury in the World Series from 1951 when it sharply stopped the race after a fly to left center that, at the last minute, called Joe Dimaggio, exploiting the tendons of the right knee of the young star to the extreme that almost lost a race to, according to his conditions, was played half.

The extraordinary facet of great companion of The Mick is so remembered that his plaque in Cooperstown recognized as “The Great Teammate.”

Billy Martin is one of the significant and momentous of his time in the Mules of Manhattan, a great second baseman, with uncommon intelligence to play the position, is considered the caught a fly to the infield in 1952 against the Brooklyn, as the better by any infielder in the history of event.

Addicted to the bohemian and night life of the big city, its tendency to drink dragged Mantle, to the point that many agree in that the evil liver that cost him the life the great player, originated in the lack of control of vice throughout his life.

Billy Martin had to leave the Yankees in a change, because the Office decided that it caused great damage to the game and the image of Mickey Mantle and neither Stengel, while called Casey’s boy, could prevent the transfer of the belligerent infielder.

In 1955, from the Toronto of the international Triple-A League, get catcher-outfielder Elstón Howard, decent person and excellent as a player, who became the first black in the Organization, privilege that it should have been the Puerto Rican Víctor Pellot Power, one of the best defensive first basemen of history and a batter with authority; but they decided to not force the situation with a latin black and sent him to the Kansas City athletics, then considered a phantom organization, species branch of the Yankees major league own luxury.

Elston Howard had a great career with the club until they decided, in 1966, send it to Boston, meanwhile, Vic Power made his history with the Athletics, the Cleveland and Minnesota

Sports morality of Howard and his contribution to the team work made him, at the time of the recount, one of the greatest players that wore the striped flannel.

Howard died young (49 years old) of a heart attack, and he was mourned by all his former teammates and the Yankee edition of 1980.

The 1960s came the Yankees with Roger Maris as a one-two with Mantle; but that year lost the world series to the Mazeroski home run, however, in 1961, the duo combined MM to 115 home runs (Roger 61 year, more Mantle 54) and win the world series to the Cincinnati that season, the pitching relief of the Puerto Rican Tite Arroyo was decisive and the contribution of Héctor López also. Between 1951 and 1960, the Yankees were in 8 World Series, with 6 of them won.

With new faces such as Tom Tresh, Johnny Blanchard, Pete Daley, Steve Mikelssen, Downing, Bill Stafford, the controversial Jim Bouton… and his main stars old and hurts, on the verge of retirement, many could not hold the Yankees their legitimate and unquestionable label symbol of baseball for the years since 1964.

In 1965, the company Times-Warner bought the club and they finished in last place, investing the number of won and lost of the righthander Mel Stottlemyre from 20-12 in 1964, fell to 12-20 this year. In 1965 began calvary 12 losing campaigns of the once powerful organization.

Of the branches of the Yankees system sparked the impossibility of having access to other young stars of homemade invoice as Dimaggio, Mantle, Berra… just Roy White and Bobby Murcer had dignified uniform class.

When Charles o. Finley decided to stop being a branch of the bomber, accelerated the decline, which lasted 12 years eternity without attend World Series 1965-76 and 13 to win another 1965-1977.

The Yankees would have a worse years than the period 1965-76 and occurred between 1982 and 1996, in which contributed nothing of his traditional game of major league baseball, though they were players such as Dave Winfield and Don Mattingly, however appeared during the beginning of the 1990s his best player in the last 20 years, Derek Jeter as Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera, are players in the classic style of the club.

A captain of captains since he arrived at the Organization, Jeter has been a player as complete as Alex Rodriguez, but more importantly by their capacity for decision, is the soul of these depressing Bombers of today that, so raise you adrenaline to unsuspected levels to the fan, that drop morality so low that you can sweep.

Since Miller Huggins, through the Old Professor Casey Stengel, Joe McCarthy and Bucky Harris there has been so many managers featured in the sense of greatness as the previous ones, because the spectacle of Billy Martin really was that, in the manner of his status as a player of great intelligence, but shunned by the impossibility of controlling his personality based on the fight, even with players under his manage, as it was the case with Reggie Jackson.

And the former pitcher on the staff of stars of the Cleveland Indians and member of the Hall of Fame, Bob Lemon, contributed only a curiosity: in 2 seasons directing the Club, never did in Yankee Stadium, because it coincided with the stage of renovation of the Colossus of the Bronx, which caused that the Yankees play in New Jersey. The best of them, despite the passive were Joe Torre and  Ralph Houk.

If somebody ask me about there are the Yankees of today, I wouldn’t unless say that as a caricature of the great club that is the owner of the 75 percent in the history of Major League Baseball, of the most important, expensive and famous sports teams around the world.

Despite Alex Rodriguez, these Yankees, whose most valuable and indisputable piece is Derek Jeter, not only have lost credibility for his little brave play collectively, but morality and shame sports needed to keep on the cusp to such franchise.


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