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There are two types of flawed selections that may occur in the All Star Game when the players are chosen by the audience. The first is the young player that is just playing in his first year to much acclaim and people tend to confuse with “another Willie Mays.” The other is a sustained star whose career is in eclipse but remains popular with fans. An example of the former occurred in 1960 with the Cuban Tony Taylor of by the Phillies, another is Dontrelle Willis and there are hundreds more

The second example is when Williams, Musial, Mantle, Aaron, Mays,, Yaz, Banks… almost had to come to the game with crutches. The last straw was the election of Mike Schmidt a year after retired.

This year Tony LaRussa will manage to the National League, because he won the pennant last season with the Cardinals. It will not be the first time that it happens, however, perhaps it would be better if were the second place team who was the manager.

There are a myriad of details to talk about the All Star Game, after all, there are more States of the Union than clubs in both leagues and some with more than two.

I have read some opinions of protesters opposed to the way players were chosen for the Major League All-Star game, according to those popular participation via the internet and the opportunity to vote more than once that is not only unjust, but almost brazen.

However, how many complain and what do they know?  What reason had those who imposed and maintained the fashion to be considered effective?

If something amazes me every day in this country, it is how some invest time to change the established order, above all and are almost always, people who are neither American nor into the business.

For example, if I were to criticize the way as selected to the all-star game, the first thing I would do is check with someone from the Office of the Commissioner to do so. Because, possibly, we are not prepared to assume a consistent critical position, not by inferior, that we are not, but because we do not know and talk about.

However, the fanatic still has no access to the pitching, it chooses the manager.

The All-Star game not make enthusiasm like before, neither the World Series.

Between 1959-1962 two All Stars games were played per season, so interesting was, first been applied in Negro Leagues but it aborted in 4 years.

The best that can be done if you want to write something about the all-star game is not criticizing the way selected to a baseball player which, after all, will be there also as regular or as a substitute, but the reluctance, the disregard of the players of today that if they shook the nose a month ago, reported byrds flu and won’t.

These 20 years of major league baseball are full of names absent from the commitment, I remember Greg Madduxx told to the press two series before the game “I am not going to be, I’m going to rest, that open somebody…” portrait of what feel modern players for the public, nothing.

The players today responds to the money only, it seems that the car that delivered to the MVP (before it was a Chevi now I don´t  know if they give) it is not worthy of those rich, it is say, no corresponding with the personality of these millionaires, many sporting fraud, although they open the all-star game.

And that is the first thing that should be commenting how unfair an American measure an also American Sport: report, such as these people, they must have devastating arguments to explain their actions, simply request them… in English.

In the photo, the stars of the American League from 1937, he never failed to the public: Cronin, Dickey, Dimaggio, Greenberg, Gheringer, Gehrig and Jimmie Fox


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  1. Vinnie says:

    Without meaning to, or trying to be unkind, can someone please tell me if this has been translated literally from another language into English, or if English is the third language of the writer?
    If so, he’s doing himself and the reader a great disservice by not taking the time to correctly compose and translate his thoughts. Instead of being able to focus on what he’s trying to say, it only frustrates the reader and serves as a complete distraction from what the writer is trying to say.

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