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The Ultimate Baseball One-Hit Wonder

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Hey baseball fans!

Today, you will read about the best example of a one-hit wonder in baseball history. Enjoy.

Jim Konstanty had a very good 1950 season. The reliever for the NL pennant-winning Phillies went 16-7, had an ERA of 2.66, and collected 22 saves, earning him NL MVP honors. Some of the other players in the top ten that year were Stan Musial (2nd), Ralph Kiner (5th) and Gil Hodges (8th). Jim also made the All-Star team that year.

The only thing was that 1950 was Konstanty’s only good year! He never went to another All-Star Game in his 11-year career from 1944-1956 (he missed ’45 and ’47 because of stints in the minor leagues) and he never had more than 12 saves in a season except for 1950! His overall career record was 66-48 and his career ERA was 3.46.

And to top off Jim’s career, the year he won the NL MVP, the “Whiz Kid” Phils lost the World Series to the Yanks. Actually, they got swept. Ladies and gentleman, Jim Konstanty is the ultimate baseball one-hit wonder.

Matt Nadel is a 13 year old baseball history kid blogger from Springfield, NJ who writes two baseball blogs under the name, Baseball with Matt.  Matt started his original blog back in April 2012 when he saw that a lot of his friends didn’t know anything about baseball history and he thought that a blog would be a fun way to educate kids and adults about baseball history.  After posting nearly 85 times, he was introduced to John Thorn, the official historian for MLB, and John liked Matt’s blog and arranged for Matt to have his own Pro Blog on MLB, making Matt the youngest Pro blogger on MLB.com. You can also follow Matt on Twitter @BaseballwMatt.  Baseball with Matt is a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance.


2 Responses to “The Ultimate Baseball One-Hit Wonder”
  1. How about mentioning that since Konstanty was the best pitcher on the Phillies in 1950, he was the surprise choice to START the first game of the World Series. He pitched well but lost 1-0 — his ONLY START in 75 appearances that season.

  2. Matt Nadel says:

    Excellent point Dan.

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