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Pitching Statistics

Counting Stats

W = Wins
L = Losses
G = Games
GS = Games Started
GF = Games Finished
CG = Complete Games
SHO = Shutouts
Saves = Saves
IP = Innings Pitched
R = Runs Allowed
ER = Earned Runs Allowed
H = Hits Allowed
HR = Home Runs Allowed
BB = Walks Allowed
K = Strikeouts
WP = Wild Pitches
BK = Balks
HBP = Hit Batters with Pithes
BF = Batters Faced

Rate Stats

W% = Winning Percentage (W / (W + L))
ERA = Earned Run Average (ER * 9 / IP)
ERA+ = Adjusted ERA (lgERA / ERA * 100)
WHIP = Walks & Hits per Inning ((BB + H) / IP)
K% = Strikeout Percentage (K / BF)
BB% = Walk Percentage (BB / BF)
K/BB = Strikeouts per Walk (K / BF)
HR% = Home Run Percentage (HR / BF)

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Statistical and biographical data for the The Negro Leagues Database, except 1923 and 1933, were compiled by Gary Ashwill. Copyright 2011-2013 Gary Ashwill. All rights reserved. Playing statistics for 1923 were compiled by Patrick Rock. Copyright 2011-2013 Patrick Rock. All rights reserved. Playing statistics for 1933 were compiled by Scott Simkus. Copyright 2013 Scott Simkus. All rights reserved.

Defensive Regression Analysis data used here was obtained with permission from Michael Humphreys, author of Wizardry

Win Shares are calculated using the formula in the book Win Shares by Bill James