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WHAT’S ON SECOND? The Japanese are Coming, Part III

December 14, 2007 by · 1 Comment 

I never like to assume, so once again a quick clarification from the previous segment:

In Step #4, Leagues Park Difference, the 13% Park Difference will expand or contract depending on the SPECIFIC parks a player is coming from and going to. For example, if a Japanese player is moving from pitcher-friendly Koshien Kyujo in NPB to hitter-friendly Coors Field in MLB, that 13% difference would be much smaller – perhaps 6% instead of 13%.

Secondly the statistics that follow are Major League Equivalents and not actual NPB statistics. For the NPB stats check this site.

Now, finally, on to the MLEs, and first up is……….(DRUM ROLL PLEASE)…………



One Response to “WHAT’S ON SECOND? The Japanese are Coming, Part III”
  1. KJOK says:

    Jim Albright has his MLE’s posted at:

    Jim was one of the guys that got me interested in doing Japanese MLE’s. I think his batting MLE method results are very similar to mine, although he takes the empirical ‘shortcut’ method to get there as opposed to my theoretical step by step method. On pitchers, however, he basically flips the batting adjustments over, which as I’ve shown in my previous articles is wrong, and gives him MLE’s for pitchers that are much worse than they should be.

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