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What’s in a Name?

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Professional baseball teams have had some really wild, wacky, humorous and unusual names.

Most major league baseball teams have rather boring nicknames. Some have animal names (Cardinals, Orioles, Blue Jays, Cubs, Tigers, Marlins), some have locally significant names (Rockies, Nationals, Rangers, Astros), but few are really very interesting. However, in non-MLB professional leagues throughout history, there have been some extremely fascinating names.

You do what?

1904 Ft. Dodge Gypsum Eaters

1915 Beatrice Milkskimmers

1892 Spokane Bunchgrassers

1888 Davenport Onion Weeders

1938 Longview Cannibals

I wonder how gypsum tastes?


You called me what?

1912 Canon City/Raton Swastikas

1913 Canton Chinks

1908 Jacksonville Lunatics

1888 Lima Lushers

1911 Columbia Commies

1955 Vicksburg Hill Billies

1912 Connellsville Cokers

1895 Hazelton Quay-kers

1924 Grand Rapids Homoners

1904 Iola Gasbags

1913 Jacksonville Convicts

I’ll bet the Swastikas hats would be a bit hard to market today.


Hey Sweetie!

1894 Troy Washerwomen

1922 Wichita Witches

1924 Evansville Little Evas

Not sure being called washerwomen would increase performance.


How Embarrassing

1887 Salem Fairies

1916 Albany Babies

1951 Suffolk Goobers

1906 Patton Pigmies

1916 Hopewell Powder Puffs

1910 Elgin Kittens

I’m sure the opposing teams were scared when the Fairies came to town.

Got a favorite I missed? Let us know, and if we get enough, we’ll follow up with even more wild, wacky nicknames.


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