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Comments on The SABR Baseball List and Record Book, Part 6

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Here is Part 6 of my postings (updated from original posting at my personal blog in 2007) on what I find interesting and worthy of comment while browsing through the 2007 SABR book, The SABR Baseball List and Record Book (available at Amazon). This time around I comment on some additional fun HR-related lists.

List 115 is “Teammates Hitting Home Runs Most Times in the Same Game”. If asked this as a trivia question, I would have gotten the first three, though perhaps not in this order as it is surprisingly close: Aaron/Mathews 75, Gehrig/Ruth 73, and Mays/McCovey 68. But then right after them was a surprise for me: Hodges/Snider 67. And it would have taken me a while to guess the next several pairings as well: Santo/B.Williams 64, Killebrew/B. Allison 61, Mathews/J. Adcock 56, Rice/Dw. Evans 56. I would have likely guessed the 9th pairing higher than many of those, that being Mantle/Berra 55. And the highest active combination through 2006? Coming in a tie for 9th on the list is Chipper Jones and Andruw Jones with 55. Other active combos include Edmonds/Pujols 46 and Ramirez/Ortiz 42. What about Ruth and someone not named Gehrig? He does appear again at 14th with 47, paired this time with Bob Meusel.

List 116 is “Players with 100+ Home Runs for Three Different Teams”. Can you name them? I consider two to be somewhat easy, but the third not at all. I’ll give the answer at the bottom of this posting, so think about it before scrolling down.

List 118 is “Best Career Strikeout to Home Run Ratio (Min. 250 HR)”. Has anyone had 250+ HR and had more HR than strikeouts? According to this source, the answer is no. But Joe DiMaggio came the closest, hitting 361 HR and striking out only 369 times, which is a 1.02 SO/HR ratio. Second is another Yankee great, Yogi Berra whose ratio was 1.16. Ted Kluszewski is third with a 1.31 ratio, and then Ted Williams is 4th at 1.36 — making him the highest on this list who is in the 500 HR club. The active players on this list (top 21) are as follows (with updated ratio to include 2007 and 2008 seasons): Albert Pujols 1.58 (1.59), Vladimir Guerrero 1.99 (2.07), Barry Bonds 2.03 (2.02), Gary Sheffield 2.13 (2.25), and Todd Helton 2.40 (2.61) — obviously Sheff and Helton have slipped, and we are pretty far removed from the 1.02 ratio that DiMaggio had!

List 119 is “Most Career Extra-Inning Home Runs”. Willie Mays ranks first with 22, Babe Ruth and Frank Robinson are tied for third with 16, and then Jimmie Foxx, Mickey Mantle, and Hank Aaron are tied for fifth with 14. But amongst these all-time HR leaders, who comes in second with 18? Jack Clark — and don’t tell me you guessed that!

List 120 is “Most Career Grand Slams”. I’ve long known that Lou Gehrig is the all-time leader here with 23. And I’ve also known that Eddie Murray was up there with 19, Willie McCovey with 18, and the surprising-to-some Robin Ventura with 18. But what I didn’t realize was that Manny Ramirez was now second all-time with 20 (through 2006). According to Wikipedia, he didn’t have any more in 2007 or 2008.

List 121 is “Most Career Leadoff Home Runs”. Speaking of records breaking, here is one that might not get broken for a long time. Rickey Henderson is way out in front with 81, with Craig Biggio is in second place with 53 (he had 50 through 2006 for this list). Amongst active players, Ray Durham has 34 through 2006 (5th overall), and Alfonso Soriano has 32 through 2006 (8th overall). But witch of Henderson’s career records is more secure, this one or his all-time SB total?

For the answers to the List 116 teaser… The first “easy” one is Reggie Jackson. He had 269 with the KC/Oakland A’s, then 144 with the Yankees, then 123 with the Angels. The other “easy” one is A-Rod, who had 189 with Seattle, then 156 with Texas, and so far has 208 for the Yankees. In my opinion, the tough one was the third, which is Darrell Evans. He had 131 for Atlanta, 142 for SF, and 141 for Detroit. If you guessed Fred McGriff as one of these three, nice try but he spread his HRs around with too many teams to make this list. He had 100+ for the Blue Jays and Braves, but not for either the Padres or Devil Rays (or Cubs or Dodgers for that matter).

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