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I have put together a document entitled A HALL OF FAME HANDBOOK: Who Belongs and Who Does Not. This is a 100-page MS WORD monograph which contains an explanation of the CAWS Career Gauge (Career Assessment/Win Shares) as well as a number of articles that have appeared on this site.

The second half of the monograph may prove of particular interest to many fans. It consists of a set of lists that a fan can consult to see whether John Doe has HOF numbers according to the CAWS Gauge – as well as where John ranks against all the great players of the 20th century.

For example, does Derek Jeter have Hall of Fame numbers? The answer is yes. There are 17 shortstops who posted HOF numbers during the 20th century. As you can see below, Jeter is #11. Since I assume that he has many more productive seasons ahead, he could wind up as high as #5 or 6 – or higher?

All numbers include the 2008 season.
Bold = Hall of Famer
Italic = Active Player in 2008
CWS = Career Win Shares
CV = Core Value (sum of win shares for 10 best seasons)
CAWS = Career Assessment/Win Shares = CV + .25(CWS – CV)

  Player Years CWS CV CAWS
1. Honus Wagner 1897-1917 655 422 480
2. Alex Rodriguez
1994- 399
3. Arky Vaughan 1932-1948 356 308 320
4. Robin Yount
1974-1993 423 278 314
5. Cal Ripken Jr.
1981-2001 427 276 314
6. Luke Appling
1930-1950 378 275 301
7. George Davis
1890-1909 398 255 291
8. Joe Cronin
1926-1945 333 275 290
9. Bill Dahlen 1891-1911 394 250 286
10. Barry Larkin 1986-2004 347 258 280
11. Derek Jeter
1995- 320 264 278
12. Ernie Banks
1953-1971 332 247 268
13. Pee Wee Reese
1940-1958 314 246 263
14. Lou Boudreau
1938-1952 277 255 261
15. Alan Trammell 1977-1996 318 238 258
16. Bobby Wallace
1894-1918 345 227 257
17. Ozzie Smith
1978-1996 325 226 251

Derek Jeter is the #87 best position player of the century and the #71 best position player of the modern era according to the CAWS Career Gauge.

Here are the lists that appear in Part 2 of the monograph.

The Lists

The Position Players with Obvious Hall of Fame Numbers

The Pitchers with Obvious Hall of Fame Numbers

The 25 Best Careers at Each Position

The Hall of Famers Who Do Not Have HOF Numbers

The Position Players with HOF Numbers – Not Yet in the Hall

The Pitchers with HOF Numbers – Not Yet in the Hall

The Complete CAWS Ranking for Position Players

The Complete CAWS Ranking for Pitchers

The 135 Best Players of the Modern Era

If anyone would like to receive a free e-copy of the monograph, just drop me a note to mike_hoban@msn.com.


6 Responses to “HALL OF FAME HANDBOOK available for FREE”
  1. John Cunningham says:

    Many thanks for the offer; I am fairly new to the incorporating concepts of sabremetrics into my analysis but have been following the HOM and BTF for several years.

  2. Mike Hoban says:


    I am sending the HANDBOOK to your e-mail address. Thanks for the interest. Any feedback would be appreciated.


  3. Carl Gonzales says:


    I would really appreciate a copy of your HANDBOOK.



  4. Mike Hoban says:


    It’s on the way.


  5. Brian says:

    Hey, I love all the work you do. I would really appreciate a copy if you can.

  6. Mike Hoban says:


    It’s on the way.


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