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Jamie Moyer and Greg Maddux Playing for the Iowa Cubs in 1986

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I don’t know how many people noticed on September 27, 2008, when Jamie Moyer and Greg Maddux, by posting wins over the Nationals and Giants, respectively, reached a combined 601 wins for their two careers.

At the close of 2008, Moyer had 246 wins, and Maddux had 355 (Moyer added 12 more in 2009, but number 355 was the last win for Maddux). Cubs fans probably remember that the two pitchers were teammates starting out their careers with the Cubs in 1986. Unfortunately for the Cubs, all but about 150 of their wins have been for other teams.

Still, in June of ’86 they were both with the Iowa Cubs, the AAA farm team in Des Moines. I don’t think two prospects in the same organization at the same time have ever come close to the 600 plus wins Maddux and Moyer have wound up achieving.

A June 13, 1986 game story in the Omaha World-Herald began like this: “The Iowa Cubs’ M&M boys-Jamie Moyer and Greg Maddux-are two young pitchers with sweet futures.”

The writer, Steve Pivovar, couldn’t have known how right he was. Moyer, 23, had just given up four hits to the hometown Kansas City farm team on a Wednesday, then Maddux, 20, had a no-hitter through 6 2/3rd innings in Omaha on Thursday to get his first AAA win. Omaha Manager John Boles said: “Maddux is the best pitcher I’ve seen all year. He had more life on his fastball tonight than anybody we’ve seen all year. If he stays healthy, I’d like to have his future. He threw some fastballs that just exploded. And his movement. It’s one thing to throw in the upper 80s and the 90s. But he had good life on the ball . . . he was nasty out there.”

Omaha pitching coach Frank Funk said: “He looked like he’s been pitching for 20 years.”

Iowa Manager Larry Cox added: “They’re two of our top prospects. They both have pretty good arms and, for as young as they are, they both know how to pitch.

“We have a couple more good kids down in Double-A-Drew Hall and Jackie Davidson. But these two are in a class by themselves. These guys and the guys in Double-A probably have the same stuff. But these two know how to pitch.

“Both he and Jamie are battlers. They’re great competitors, and they have great intensity when they’re out there on the mound.”

I’m printing this today because Moyer’s scheduled to make his first start at age 47 this afternoon. But, you can read more about Greg Maddux in ‘86 here, here, and here.

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  1. Yassassin says:

    Several years ago in Chicago, I worked for a catering/delivery food service; we delivered food to high-end clients and one of ours was Greg Maddux. I probably went to his condo on delivery four or five times. I cannot state how cool and laidback of a guy he was. I’m a Cards fan so I had a lot of reasons to root against him but after my experience I am now an unrepentant fan. Now that he’s out of the game I definitely feel like there’s no other pitcher in the league like him today.

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