December 15, 2019

Lazzari’s Baseball Roundup 5

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TRIVIA QUESTION: The 1990 Chicago White Sox–who finished 2nd in the AL West under manager Jeff Torborg–had three players who stole more than 30 bases apiece. Can you name this trio? Answer to follow……….There have been many questionable decisions over the years regarding baseball’s postseason awards, but how ’bout this one for pure insanity: In 2000, Todd Helton of the Colorado Rockies led the NL in hits, doubles, RBIs, batting average, on-base%, slugging %, and total bases–and finished FIFTH in the MVP voting. Just unfathomable……….If any retailers up there in the Boston area are interesting in peddling more antacids, just continually remind Red Sox fans of THIS: The team will pay under-achieving starters Josh Beckett and John Lackey approximately $33 million in 2011. {{belch}}………..Answer to trivia question: LANCE JOHNSON (36), IVAN CALDERON (32), and SAMMY SOSA (32).

Bob Lazzari is an award-winning sports columnist for both Connecticut’s Valley Times and NY Sports Day, where his “Sports Roundup” column is featured weekly. He is a member of the Connecticut Sports Writers’ Alliance and host of “Monday Night Sports Talk,” a cable television show on CTV/Channel 14 in Connecticut.

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