January 18, 2020

Can Anyone Identify Troy Furr and James Stewart?

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My search for the identities of baseball players who lost their lives during World War II is a never-ending one and I have recently discovered two more possibilities. Perhaps someone can help shed a little more light?

Whilst browsing the Spartanburg Herald of January 1946, I found an article about former Atlanta Crackers players who died during World War II. Five names were mentioned and three were familiar to me, but two were new.

The two I have not seen before are Troy Furr and James Stewart. Using baseball-reference.com as my first port of call, neither player is listed as having ever played for the Crackers or any other team between 1930 and 1944.

Using other sources, I believe I have now identified Troy Furr as Troy L. Furr of Cabarrus County, NC, who was killed in action while serving with the US Army. He was born in 1923 and entered service in April 1944. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to discover any other details relating to his baseball or military career.

With regards to James Stewart, I’ve also drawn a blank on his baseball career and there are far too many Stewarts in military records to make a positive identification.

Can anyone help with more information on these men so they can take there rightful place alongside the other 137 players who were killed in service during WWII?

Thank you!

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