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Budweiser’s Sudsy Salute to the Troops

May 10, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

Budweiser beer, a major sponsor of the Tampa Bay Rays, has a commercial running at the Trop that I and a number of friends find really offensive. Whenever a company (or a political party) wants to curry favor with “American citizens,” it makes a big show of saluting the troops. No team salutes the troops more than the Rays do, but that’s appropriate here, because McDill Air Force base is in Tampa, and the Rays have local boys who have returned from Afghanistan and Iraq, and it’s only right that the team salutes them.

But then Budweiser rears its ugly head. The spot calls for the fans sitting in the stands at Tropicana Field to raise their chilled, golden glass of Budweiser beer in tribute to the troops, and as it asks the fans to do so, the cameraman in the Trop seeks out the boozers in the crowd willing to do so. I just shake my head, and I know some of the fans sitting with me feel the same way. Glorifying beer drinking isn’t what the Rays ought to be doing, even though beer sales are an important revenue source. What’s next: “Hey Rays fans, raise your glasses of Budweiser as we salute all the high school graduates.” This is a promotion that has got to go.


2 Responses to “Budweiser’s Sudsy Salute to the Troops”
  1. Ron says:

    Why not ask the troops what they think? As someone who did for 20 years, I can bet my opinion is different than yours.

  2. Matt says:

    Hey Peter, Let me add to what Ron said… I don’t think that the Rays are trying to get everyone in the free world to raise their chilled, golden glass of Budweiser beer in tribute to the troops to have them all go out and buy Budweiser. I do believe that alcohol sales are important but I believe that if any other beverage company would have been giving the opportunity the Rays would have asked you to raise a glass of that and toast to the troops. What I do think is that the Rays are proud supporters of the troops and they are at least saying “Thank You”! I could care less if it was baby formula, hearing Thank You is often not heard, and means more than some will ever know. Me personally I would like to say Thank You to the Rays for at least acknowledging the troops. I paid the dues, you keep the change… O.I.F. 09-10

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