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Do you know Puello of Edmundo Garcia Post?

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The following is in response to an article posted here.

Edmundo Garcia is not an important figure nor to the Castro dictatorship, by low contributions in decent circles, illegally trafficked works of art and his mother, Rosa Gomez, then in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Castro by the Ministry of education, managed to send him to London as only punishment, then traveled to Miami.

By the way, rather than pursue illegal Hondurans, the ICE and Homeland Security should locate the elements of the Cuban economic community abroad, “starters” called immigration, which they leave Cuba towards here or come from third countries, after having complied with sanctions in prison for common criminals on the island or ensnared in charges not resolved in trials as the own Edmundo cases or as Ernesto Milanese, which was ten years imprisoned by drogas…they are here as “political refugees”.

In his travels to Cuba, Edmundo likes to photograph next to Mariela daughter of Raúl Castro, the musician Juan Formell or Abel Prieto, Culture Minister removed from Office few days ago…

Edmund speaks in an radio station funded “half and half” by some soldiers of Castro here and the regime there, also writes for some blogs of Cuba, because he has never achieved the confidence arising in the “responsibility” to do so in one of the libels of tyranny or at the provincial level, even or the Herald.

Now got the buttocks in the american baseballball, aimed at “Cuban readers from abroad”, because it is on the Internet and because, since long ago, tyranny is refuting the garbage spoke looking into how to do professional players “without damaging its political principles”, In addition, any Cuban fan, who knows how much that has marred “the cloth”, shouts in any corner of the capital which would be the most absolute denial of everything that this individual has written for this blog with the title: “Cuban dung: the lie of play in major league baseball”.

You don’t know ball nor know the insides of the organized baseball is a fact, that he wanted to complicate to several former dung as René Arocha and Rolando Arrojo is clear, that any element of professional baseball told him nothing about the business and its mechanisms is an absolute truth, that I do not intend to respond to you, after use as a weapon against the castro-comunismo what I know in all media that I had at my disposal 164 times It is devastating.

If I write on this subject is because I want to “check you” a couple of nasties, who could not prevent because he does not know and by their condition of sewer rat, In addition, I’m going to punish hard, because, that I will do: I am translating his material to send it from magazines and websites for which I write in English, are where I like to say things with labeled “handle with care”, by purely sports ratings or their political connotations on the activity.

These media, which I graciously published for the English-speaking contravention of the liberal imposition hasten that “politically not mixed with sports” have exposed 164 “controversial” material written by me!”

As you should expect, I am more interested Anglo readers that “the Hispanic brethren”, which have a great of castro-guevaristas between them and know everything, however, possibly want that State of things for their sports.

What not “investigated” or you forgot to Edmundo:

1.-The son of Marquetti launched an Academy for his father without major league baseball salary and which prevented anyone this because Agustin had been member of the MININT (repressor Agency).

2.-That the majority of former players of the period 1969-1999 national series, they have sold what they had personal memorabilia to foreigners, as Pedro Luis Lazo, who did a filipino.

3 That Cuba do not sign autographs, measure nearly eradicated by the tyranny when it eliminated the professionalism, In addition, if there are no pencils or pens and paper for the schools…

4.-That Contreras not came here looking for “applause” that left in Cuba, but by the wrath of not be able to get three slabs to wear them to the floor of the hut with that party, by the fact of defaming the nickname of the national hero Antonio Maceo, accepting, directly from the tyrant, a nickname, awarded it (the Titan of bronze), so sublime as historic.

5.- It would be good stuff Edmundo tell them in Cuba, that persuade all those “lies” ball players, by extension, the people who expected the bus does not arrive or has no dollars for the morning milk. Even to the fan returned to 1910 with the suspension of night games.

6.-This type of “revolution” should be there, not here, because, since United States nobody is going to Cuba looking for money to play baseball.

In fact, Edmundo Garcia will throw up of those sites castro-comunistas for those who talk and write, because it can talk so much garbage as often.

But something remains to ask, with this type of message of the soldiers o Castro from here, I would like someone to tell me What is looking for Puello, President of the Confederation of Countries of Baseball Professional of the Caribbean in Cuba?

And, although it is just possible if dictatorship accepted to play in the Caribbean Series as are seeking certain interests What can write Edmund as a justification?

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