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Clearing The Bases

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Well the non-waiver trade deadline came and went at 4pm EST earlier today with quite a few deals.  There was some talk that teams wouldn’t do much trading because it wasn’t worth it to possibly only play one playoff game, and that could be on the road.  Instead though there were quite a few trades that went down both today, and in the week prior.  Now trades can still be made in August but it requires a player to pass through waivers.  If said player passes through, he can be traded to anyone, if he doesn’t pass through, than he can only be traded to the team with the highest waiver priority that claimed him.  If no trade can be worked out, than that player has to either be pulled back off waivers in which case he can’t be traded this season, or he can just be given to the team that claimed him, and they are now responsible for his contract.  Here is a look at the top players traded before the deadline and their fantasy impact with their new team.


Hanley Ramirez, Los Angeles Dodgers:  On the surface one would think this trade wouldn’t have much fantasy value.  Both home ballparks are pitchers parks and neither team is an offensive dynamo, but perhaps he needed a change of scenery and participating in a pennant chase sure can’t hurt.


Ryan Dempster, Texas Rangers:  Obviously his chances for a win will increase as he goes from one of the worst teams in the National League to one of the best in the American, but he also goes to a ballpark that plays small no matter what time of year it is.  Wrigley Field can play big if the wind is blowing in and when the weather gets cold.  He also moves into the big boy league where there is no easy out.


Anibal Sanchez, Detroit Tigers:  On the surface this looks like a good move by the Tigers as it gives them a solid front four in their pitching staff (Justin Verlander, Doug Fister, Max Scherzer) but if you look at his numbers in interleague play, he has had his troubles against the AL, and his 1st start did nothing to extinguish those flames.


Omar Infante, Detroit Tigers:  Anything Infante adds offensively will be a bonus as Tiger 2B all season had only batted around .200 with very little power.  He was brought in to help the defense up the middle and that’s exactly what he will do.  If he were to bat second in the lineup he could make some noise on the bases as well.


Shane Victorino, Los Angeles Dodgers:  We knew Victorino was going to be traded, it was just a matter of time.  This one makes sense as the Dodgers get the leftfielder they needed and a leadoff batter.  Where there lineup looked putrid just a month ago, now the top five are Victorino, AJ Ellis, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, and Hanley Ramirez.  Suddenly this is a lineup to be reckoned with.


Zack Greinke, Los Angeles Angels:  Possibly the best deadline deal as this one could put the Angels over the top.  Greinke gives the halos perhaps the best starting pitching staff in the AL.  Who would want to go up against Greinke, Jered Weaver, Dan Haren, and CJ Wilson in a short or long series.  Now, if the Angels don’t get to at least the World Series, and are unable to re-sign Greinke, than this could also go down as a big bust as they gave up quite a bit of talent to acquire his services.  So there is some risk involved also.


Ichiro Suzuki, New York Yankees:  Suzuki was acquired pretty much to be the Yankees replacement for Brett Gardner who is out for the season after undergoing elbow surgery.  He will bat 8th in the lineup and be asked to ignite the lower half of the order.  Don’t expect much though, he looks nowhere near the same player he used to be.


Francisco Liriano, Minnesota Twins:  The good news is that Liriano leaves a bad team to play for a pretty good team.  The bad news is that he also leaves Target Field, a great pitchers park, to play in Cellular Field, one of the best hitters parks in the AL.  When Liriano is on, he is as good as any pitcher, but when he’s bad he can destroy your ratios in a big big hurry.


Gaby Sanchez, Pittsburgh Pirates:  Granted Sanchez is having a terrible season so far but it does seem Miami gave up on him pretty quickly.  Sanchez was an all-star just a couple of years ago and is still only 28 years of age.  As for the Pirates, they have nothing to lose as first base has been an offensive wasteland so far this season.


Paul Maholm, Chicago Cubs:  Was certainly a fall back option after Ryan Dempster used his 10/5 right to refuse a trade to Atlanta.  Maholm isn’t going to light up the radar gun with big numbers but generally keeps the team in the game and seems to get a quality start more often than not.  Moving from Wrigley to Turner Field can’t hurt either.


Jonathan Broxton, Cincinnati Reds:  This one hurts as Broxton goes from a closer to a setup man.  He is no threat to Aroldis Chapman who is having a terrific season as the Reds closer.


Travis Snider, Pittsburgh Pirates:  Perhaps Snider will finally get a chance to play every day and show what he can do.  Problem is, he goes from a great hitters park in Toronto to a pitchers park in Pittsburgh, and with the Pirates in the playoff race, if he struggles, they may not have all that much patience with him either.  Could be worth a shot in NL only leagues.


Reed Johnson, Atlanta Braves:  Playing time won’t change much with Atlanta.  A fill-in here and there who will play when someone needs a rest or against tough lefties.


Marco Scutaro, San Francisco Giants:  This is another one that is not good for fantasy owners.  His playing time won’t change, and not only is he in the same league, but he’s in the same division, but losing half of your games in Coors Field to play in the Grand Canyon that is 3 Com isn’t going to help anyone’s numbers.


Ryan Roberts, Tampa Bay Rays:  Boy I liked this deal when it happened as I believed Roberts just needed a change of scenery but in his short stint with Tampa so far he’s not hitting any better than he was for Arizona.


Jacob Turner, Miami Marlins:  Once considered to be one of the brightest prospects in the Tigers organization the bloom came off the rose a bit as Turner struggled a bit in limited opportunities at the Major League level.  That being said, he is a player to watch as going to a great pitcher’s park in Miami plus the NL in general could do wonders for him.


Brett Myers, Chicago White Sox:  Same as Broxton as he goes from a closer to a setup man.  Loses most if not all value unless you believe Addison Reed might lose the closer’s job, but even if that’s the case, Myers may not be next in line due to that clause in his contract that kicks in should he close 45 games, guaranteeing him a boatload of cash next season.


Jeremy Guthrie, Colorado Rockies:  Well he does get out of Colorado where things certainly didn’t go well, but things aren’t going any better in KC so far.  Stay away, stay very far away unless you are in the deepest of deep leagues and just have no other choice.


Francisco Cordero, Houston Astros:  I guess the Astros didn’t get the memo that stated Cordero was terrible in the AL or perhaps they thought he’d be better in the NL.  Cordero has been gas on the fire, absolutely terrible and has already lost the closer’s job.


Carlos Lee, Miami Marlins:  Lee actually turned down a second trade Tuesday as the fish tried to deal him to the Yankees.  Fantasy wise we are better off with him in Miami as at least he will play every day but the production will be limited.

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