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The 2013 Major League Baseball season begins Sunday night. In preparation for another exciting campaign, the founders at 60ft6in.com has introduced a new pitching metric called Pitcher Evaluation ACE (PEACE). This new tool compares each pitching season to the average historical season.

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The structure of PEACE is similar to Factor12. However, adjustments have been made to account for rules changes and playing field alterations.

  • Innings Pitched (IP) has been adjusted for the distance between the pitcher’s mound/box and home plate (1876-1892).
  • Home Runs Allowed (HRA) has been adjusted for the Dead Ball Era (1876-1919).
  • Bases On Balls (BB) has been adjusted for the 19th century rules on the number of called balls (1876-1888).
  • Strikeouts (SO) has been adjusted for the seasons in which overhand pitching was permitted at a distance of 50 feet (1884-1892).
  • Total Bases Allowed (TB) has been estimated for 1876-1944 (data unavailable).
  • Earned Runs (ER) has been adjusted for 1876-1968 to account for the varying mound heights, or lack thereof.

These adjustments make is possible to compare pitchers across the different eras of baseball.

The 1884 Union Association has not been included. The league is not considered to be a major league by many historians, including the creators of PEACE.

PEACE will vary yearly as the historical average season changes.

PEACE will also be subject to change based on future advancements and understanding of historical data.

Please let them know your thoughts.

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