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Astros Finish Strong in May

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The Astros finished the month of May with 3 straight wins, all on the road and extended the streak to 5 by winning their first two games in June.  However this wasn’t enough to offset their poor performance earlier in the month which included a 6 game losing streak.  Their record in May of 10-18 was a slight improvement over the April log of 8-19.

Pitching continues to be the biggest problem although there were some signs of improvement late in the month.  The club’s ERA in May was 5.06 compared to 5.42 in May, the highest in the National League in both months.  Bud Norris and Eric Bedard both pitched well in 4 of their 5 starts and Jordan Lyles pitched well in 5 of his 6 starts but only picked up 2 wins largely due to poor support from the bullpen which has been very inconsistent.  Lucas Harrell, the top starter in April had a poor month in May.

The offense was not as strong in May, averaging 3.89 runs per game vs. 4.11 in April.  However, there were some bright spots.  Jason Castro came into his own in May, hitting .292 with 6 home runs and a slugging average of .573. He was the AL player of the week one week in May.  J.D. Martinez batted .299 in May, and he, Matt Dominguez and backup catcher, Carlos Corporan, also had slugging averages of .500 or better.  Dominguez led the club with 8 home runs and 19 RBIs in May.  Jose Altuve led in stolen bases with 7.

After 2 months, the Astros are on pace to finish with a record of 53-109.  Their record is 4 games better than that of the Miami Marlins and it could be a close race to see which team compiles the best record and loses the opportunity to have the first pick in the draft of amateur players.  This year, the Astros have the first pick in the draft which will be held on Thursday, June 6 where the Astros are expected to select a college pitcher with the first pick.

The Astros four full-season minor league teams continue to play well.  All four are well over .500 and contending for the top spot in their leagues


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  1. Don Hoover says:

    Being an O’s fan, I sure hope the Astros don’t decide to get hot over the next 3 days, as Baltimore starts a 3 game Series there tonight! We are in a tight AL east pennant race right now, so hopefully they will cool down at least while we are there. I still can’t wrap myself around the idea that they are in the American League now. When I watch the game tonight it will seem like I’ll be seeing Interleague play.

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