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Call to the Pen: My All Time Foreign Dream Team

June 6, 2013 by · 2 Comments 

Hey baseball fans!

I just put up my latest post for Fan Sided’s Call to the Pen. This one is a position by position analysis of who I think are the greatest MLB players ever who weren’t born in the United States. If you want to read more about this, just click here.

I hope you enjoy the post and thanks for reading it. Check back in a couple of days for more of “all the buzz on what wuzz.”


2 Responses to “Call to the Pen: My All Time Foreign Dream Team”
  1. Cliff Blau says:

    Ivan Rodriguez and Roberto Clemente weren’t foreign-born; both were born USA citizens in USA territory.

    Bert Blyleven was actually the best foreign-born pitcher, with 96.4 bWAR to Marichal’s 61.8.

    Albert Pujols is a rather obvious pick at first base over Tony Perez.

    With Clemente out of the running, Larry Walker is the correct pick in RF. Adrian Beltre has been better than Miguel Cabrera. Manny Ramirez was a far better player than Felipe Alou. Andruw Jones would be a better pick than Suzuki, especially since he was really a CF.

    Just my two cents.

  2. Matt Nadel says:

    Thanks Cliff. Irod and Clemente weren’t born within the 50 United States, which was my criteria.

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