September 20, 2019

Final Rosters Set For 1916 Mid-Summer Exhibition!

September 28, 2013 by · 3 Comments 


Voting has concluded for the upcoming three-game series that will pit the best of the National League against the best of the American League as selected by you, the fans!  Both rosters are loaded with talent and competition to prove which circuit is superior will be fierce.

Since the loops began meeting in the world’s series just after the turn of the century, the junior circuit holds a 7-5 edge in championship gonfalons.  The senior circuit will no doubt want to start this mid-summer extravaganza with a victory and hope its momentum carries into October.


The 1916 All-Star series will be played soon and results will be posted on Wednesday, October 2.  Stay tuned!



3 Responses to “Final Rosters Set For 1916 Mid-Summer Exhibition!”
  1. Craig Hardee says:

    Possum Whitted wasn’t a catcher…

  2. Mike Lynch says:

    Good catch (no pun intended). I’ll check it when I get home.


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