May 21, 2019

Baseball Triple Doubles

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“The other day SABR member Clem Comley, who also follows basketball, wondered who the triple doubles leader might be in baseball history.  His search defined a ‘baseball triple double’ as a player who had 2 or more runs, 2 or more hits or 2 or more RBIs in a single game.  He used Retrosheet (1913-2014) in his calculations and determined that the all-time baseball leader in triple doubles was Babe Ruth with 247.  Lou Gehrig was second with 204, Willie Mays and Alex (A-Rod) Rodriguez were tied for third with 191 and Hank Aaron was fifth with 188.”

To see a list of the top 43 from 1961-2014, and the top 14 Minnesota Twins, go here.

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