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“The Greatest Tiger of Them All” returns to Detroit

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Press Release

For Immediate Release Contact: Norm Coleman

August 10, 2014

Half Moon Bay, CA: Ty (The Georgia Peach) Cobb, “The Greatest Tiger of Them All” returns to Detroit at the Masonic Temple, 500 Temple Street on September 5th 4:30 PM and Sept., 6th 6:30 PM.

San Francisco actor Norm Coleman who has portrayed the complex and misunderstood Cobb for seven years is making his first appearance in Detroit.

Mr. Coleman has performed on stages in Lakeland, Florida for the Detroit Tigers, The President Gerald R. Ford Museum and Library in Grand Rapids, Michigan, The Ty Cobb Museum in Royston, Georgia and theaters from San Francisco to Boston and Victoria, BC, Canada.

The ninety-minute show has been called “entertaining, humorous and historical”. The show is a walk down memory lane for mature baseball fans, and an introduction to this great player the younger audience and theater entertainment for the entire family.

Norm started his acting career at seventy and is an astounding storyteller who brings Cobb to life. He weaves stories from Cobb’s early days growing up in Royston, Georgia under the thumb of his demanding father, playing and managing for the Tigers, post baseball career, how he amassed his fortune, contributions to charities and the Ty Cobb Memorial Hospital in Royston he funded.

Mr. Coleman spins stories about the men Cobb played with and the many celebrities he knew. Cobb knew every president from William Howard Taft to President Dwight D. Eisenhower whom he golfed with.

Players like Babe Ruth, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Yogi Berra,, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Al Kaline, Jackie Robinson; famous stars like Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Elvis Presley and authors like Ernest Hemingway.

The “Peach” was America’s first great sports hero, the first player elected into the Hall of Fame in 1936 and baseball’s the first millionaire player.

Cobb’s lifetime batting average of 367 is still the best in the Major Leagues. Ty blazed a path through baseball and retired with more records than any other player and hit over 400 three times.

Cobb was an aggressive player with an intimidating playing style.  He was famed for his great speed and precision hitting and went to extremes to win a game. He was known for his combative personality and tempestuous attitude that gave him his edge and helped him achieve his excellence.

“This is a tale of greatness and redemption”, Coleman says. “Mr. Coleman captured the personality, demeanor and wit of my grandfather,” Herschel Cobb, Ty’s grandson said.

“Coleman brings Cobb to life,” James Kratsas, Deputy Director, President Gerald R. Ford Museum and Library, Grand Rapids, MI.

Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling the Masonic Temple box office (313) 638-2724,

General Admission $20 – Senior and students, $15


One Response to ““The Greatest Tiger of Them All” returns to Detroit”
  1. greg blass says:

    Wayne State and The University of Detroit with manyears of experience in all phases of theatrical expertise turned down the oppty to create a play on Ty Cobb as it it missing a number of components. First it typfies Ty as a ethical baseball legend when in effect he wasnt as his life on the field portrays his true spirit though he does have some records yet to be beaten. A true depiction on the life of Ty needs to be presented as the entire audience will observe that component as missing. Equally important and moreso what is truly missing when compared to Ernie is there is no dynamics…its a lecture to the audience as you would expect. Ernie had three dynamics one being between the two on stage, another being between the two on stage and the triple screens that served as the backdrop illustrating videos on the 9 innings in the life of Ernie Harwell and thirdly the dynamic between the two on stage and the audience.

    In short……a presentation on both sides of Ty and the lack of dynamics makes this fall a bit short of what could be and decidedly isnt.

    Mitch Albom clearly produced an academy winner as evidenced by 4 years and still counting

    Its entertaining but not what it could have been

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