February 26, 2020

MLB Power Rankings Update: Week 20

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I guess you could say that a couple of things have happened since the last time we discussed these power rankings two weeks ago. The Los Angeles Angels have surpassed the Oakland Athletics, the Washington Nationals have doubled their lead over the Braves, and the Kansas City Royals went from being 4.5 games behind the Detroit Tigers to a pair of games up. Very minor things.

Now, as we are in the final quarter of the season, things finna get kicked up a notch. With all of these big battles, it’s good to know which teams the algorithms favor. That’s what numberFire’s power rankings show.

The rankings are based on numberFire’s nERD stat. This is the expected run differential in a game against a league-average team. A nERD of 0.50 means that a team would be expected to beat an average team by 0.50 runs on a neutral site. They’d also probs be investigated because scoring a half run is kind of suspicious.

If you want to see the full rankings, you can click here. If you’re a fan of the Rangers, you probably shouldn’t. Let’s check out which teams the algorithms adore as we head into the stretch run.

Continue reading at numberFire.com—(@numberfire)

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