August 7, 2020

The Forgotten Bash Brother

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Gary Sanchez is the forgotten or third wheel of the bash brothers.

Yesterday’s enormous home run that ended up clearing the scoreboard made fans both of the Yankees and of the rest of the league realize that there is another bash brother in Sanchez. In 177 total games, Sanchez has 53 home runs. Of those 53 home runs, 20 of them came in 2016 when Sanchez only played in 53 games.

If you take a full 162 game season, as of right now Sanchez is on pace to hit 49 home runs a year. When compared to Judge, who is on a 162 game pace to hit 50 home runs, and Stanton who, albeit has had a longer career, is on a 162 game pace to hit 44 home runs, Sanchez ranks right up there.

This could be the first season that the Yankees have three or more 30 home run hitters since 2005. This feat has happened four times in the Yankees franchise history; the most recent, 2005, Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield, and Alex Rodriguez.

Greg Bird, could be another name to watch to add to the bash brothers. Even though Bird has had some injuries and has only played a total of 94 games, he has a 162 game average of 34 home runs. Not nearly as prolific as the “big three” but if Bird stays healthy, this could be a bad season to be a baseball, but plenty of fans should be leaving with souvenirs.

So teams should not be sleeping on the Yankees’ lineup after they get past the duo of Arron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton because behind those two are more big sluggers in Gary Sanchez and Greg Bird, which leads to a very stacked lineup.

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