February 21, 2018

1928 Negro National League Season Review – It’s in the Stars

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For both Black History Month and the 90th Anniversary of the 1928 Negro National League season, below is a recap of the 1928 NNL pennant race. The Stars’ Wonderful First Half The 1928 NNL consisted of the following teams (in order of their 1927 records): Chicago American Giants (won 1st half, playoffs and World Series […]

Negro Leagues DB Update: 1941 NNL & NAL

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For the second year in a row, the Negro Leagues’ best player, Josh Gibson, played in the Mexican League instead of with the Homestead Grays. For the standings at least, it didn’t matter as Homestead finished first for the fifth consecutive year. The Grays were a very veteran team by 1941. Thirty-three year old first […]

Don Stanhouse – Less Than 6 Degrees of Separation

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If you remember 1970’s baseball, you might remember Don Stanhouse. Star athlete from Du Quoin, IL. Played quarterback in high school, and had football scholarship offers from Notre Dame and Missouri. Drafted in the first round, 9th overall as a 3rd baseman/pitcher by the Oakland A’s in the 1969 player draft. Called up to the […]

Negro Leagues DB Update: 1913-14 AND 1914-15 Cuban National League

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The addition of the 1913/14 and 1914/15 Cuban National (Winter) Leagues now gives us a complete run of the Cuban Winter Leagues from 1902/03 thru 1914/15. This was a time period when many of the top Negro League players played in Cuba during the winter. During this same time, several Cuban teams would play against […]

Negro Leagues DB Update: 1907 National Association of Colored Professional Clubs of the United States and Cuba

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Contrary to popular belief, blackball teams playing in a ‘real’ league did not begin in 1920.  In 1886, there was an attempt to start a 10 team “Southern Colored Base Ballist” league.  In 1887, the National Colored Baseball League managed to play 13 league games before folding.  The 1906 “ILIP League” (International League of Independent […]

Ballparks Database Updated!

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The Seamheads.com Ballparks Database has now been updated with 2011 data plus the latest and greatest corrections. As a reminder, we provide two sets of calculations: 1-year factors and 3-year factors. The 1-year factors are observed factors, based on only the season in question.  While we do use an other parks corrector as described in the […]


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Most baseball fans are familiar with the concept of ‘normalizing’ statistics. For MLB statistics, the most basic adjustment is to normalize for park effects. The simplest park normalization calculation takes the impact of a team’s park on runs scored then divides that number, either positive or negative, in half, and then that calculation is applied […]

Touring the Bases with…Garrett Totty

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Garrett Totty is the Head Batboy for the Texas League Tulsa Drillers.   Garrett also plays catcher on his high school baseball team at Morris (Oklahoma) High School, where this past season he was teammates with Yankee’s 18th round draft choice Hayden Sharp. Seamheads:    Being a batboy on a professional team is probably something that many young […]


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Tom M. Tango at the The Book Blog is requesting fans to fill out playing time estimates for the team they follow closely.   In the past, these fan generated playing time forecasts have proven to be better than the ‘expert’ forecasts and better than ‘automated’ forecast systems. If you want to participate, the link is: […]


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Besides the basic field dimensions and batting event factors, there are some other features of the ballparks database that I’d like to highlight: Starting with the index page, you’ll see that the default order is number of games played in the stadium.   Fenway Park and Wrigley Field are at the top.   This can be an […]

Ballparks Database Updated!

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Last month we rolled out the online version of the Seamheads Ballparks database, which contained descriptive information about every park ever used as a major league stadium, plus calculations of the impact on batting components for LH and RH batters beginning in 1950. Today we’ve released an update to the original data.   The latest detailed […]

The 1928 Negro Leagues – The Two Leagues Part II

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Part I: http://www.seamheads.com/2010/12/12/the-1928-negro-leagues-%e2%80%93-the-two-leagues/ The following is from the unpublished manuscript LOST LEAGUES: The 1928 Negro National and Eastern Colored Leagues. First, a quick recap of Part I, which covered The Product and The Market: The Product – The Negro Leagues generally had lower batting and slugging averages than the major leagues did in the 1920’s, […]

The 1928 Negro Leagues – The Two Leagues

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The Negro National League (1920-1931).   Also known as the Western League. The Eastern Colored League (1924-1928).   Also known as the Eastern League. The Product How they played the game: (Negro Leagues Data from National Baseball Hall of Fame) In the 1920’s, the two Negro Leagues had both Batting Averages and Slugging Averages slightly lower than […]

The History of a St. Louis Baseball Franchise: The Original St. Louis Stars

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The following is from the unpublished manuscript LOST LEAGUES: The 1928 Negro National and Eastern Colored Leagues. The St. Louis Stars were born when Richard William Kent, Sam Sheppard, Dr. J. W. “George” McClelland and Dr. G. B. Keys purchased the Negro National League ( NNL) St. Louis Giants franchise after the 1921 season. Dick […]

Seamheads at SABR 40

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This is KJOK at your Seamheads anchor desk, reporting “almost live” from the SABR 40 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.   SABR 40 is the 40th annual convention of the Society for American Baseball Research, which brings together authors, teachers, researchers and baseball fans for four days of baseball presentations, baseball history, baseball games, baseball road trips, […]

Touring the Bases with…..Craig Wright

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Craig R. Wright was the first of what today would be called a “Sabermetrician” to be hired by a major league baseball team. He was the primary author of “The Diamond Appraised” (1989), and with Texas Rangers play-by-play announcer Eric Nadel has done a radio pre-game show called “A Page from Baseball Past” since 1984. […]

Ballpark Analysis

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Back in July, we announced the latest and greatest version of the Seamheads Ballpark Database (see: http://seamheads.com/blog/2009/07/02/the-seamheads-ballparks-database-is-here/).  We also promised we would eventually begin publishing a series of analytical articles that would use the data from the Ballparks Database to investigate various questions, along the lines of what we had previously done in this article […]

The Seamheads Ballparks Database is Here!

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The latest version of the Seamheads (aka KJOK) Ballparks database has been loaded to the site (see http://seamheads.com/db/databases.htm, then click Ballpark Stat Splits.  There is also a link for the documentation file.)

The Mother of All World Series Comebacks: Part II

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There was once a team that faced FIVE World Series elimination games! Not familiar with that series? Learn more by reading Part I.  Otherwise, here’s the rest of the story.

The Mother of All World Series Comebacks: Part I

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After getting down three games to one, the Tampa Bay Rays faced what is commonly known as an ‘elimination’, or must-win game. Unfortunately for the Rays, they lost their first and only elimination game of the series, and the year was over. However, there was once a team that faced FIVE World Series elimination games! […]

How the Home Team Wins

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In baseball, the home field advantage is relatively small compared to professional football or basketball.

Book Review: “The Eastern Colored League”

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This won’t be your typical book review. 

Seamheads.Com Reviews Out of the Park Version 9

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OOTP Developments recently released a new version of their Out of the Park (OOTP) baseball simulation game, OOTP9.

The 1928 Negro National League Championship: St. Louis’ Forgotten World Champions

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The following is from the unpublished manuscript LOST LEAGUES: The 1928 Negro National and Eastern Colored Leagues. An article based on this manuscript appeared in the SABR publication “Mound City Memories.”

1928 Negro National League Season Review – It’s in the Stars

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The following is from the unpublished manuscript LOST LEAGUES: The 1928 Negro National and Eastern Colored Leagues. An article based on this manuscript appeared in the SABR publication “Mound City Memories.”

What’s in a Name?

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Professional baseball teams have had some really wild, wacky, humorous and unusual names.


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Major League Equivalents (MLEs) are a series of calculations designed to take non-major league baseball performance and estimate what that performance’s results would look like statistically in the context of the Major Leagues. Bill James gets credit for being the inventor of MLEs, as he outlined his method for batters in the 1985 Baseball Abstract. […]

WHAT’S ON SECOND? The Japanese are Coming, Part III

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I never like to assume, so once again a quick clarification from the previous segment: In Step #4, Leagues Park Difference, the 13% Park Difference will expand or contract depending on the SPECIFIC parks a player is coming from and going to. For example, if a Japanese player is moving from pitcher-friendly Koshien Kyujo in […]

WHAT’S ON SECOND?: The Japanese are Coming Part II REDO

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Before moving on to Part III, there’s a clarification I need to make regarding Part II. In addition to factoring in the difference in league parks between any two leagues when doing MLE’s, you must also factor in the difference between league SCORING environments. In the previous Part II, I ‘plugged’ a 7% difference into […]

WHAT’S ON SECOND? The Japanese are Coming, Part II

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As was mentioned in Part I, over 600 (664 by my count) players have played in MLB and NPB. Out of that 664, 32 of those have been native born Japanese players. If we break out the numbers by batters and pitchers, we get: Japanese Pitchers to MLB – 23 Japanese Position Players to MLB […]

What’s On Second? The Japanese are Coming, Part I

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  Here on seamheads.com at “What’s On Second?”, we’ll be doing various ‘statistorian’ types of analysis, looking at the history and past statistics of baseball, hopefully with the goal of understanding the present a little differently.   Japanese baseball continues to have a bigger impact on U. S. baseball each passing year, with this year […]