September 15, 2019

WHAT’S ON SECOND? The Japanese are Coming, Part III

December 14, 2007 by · 1 Comment 

I never like to assume, so once again a quick clarification from the previous segment: In Step #4, Leagues Park Difference, the 13% Park Difference will expand or contract depending on the SPECIFIC parks a player is coming from and going to. For example, if a Japanese player is moving from pitcher-friendly Koshien Kyujo in […]

WHAT’S ON SECOND?: The Japanese are Coming Part II REDO

November 26, 2007 by · 2 Comments 

Before moving on to Part III, there’s a clarification I need to make regarding Part II. In addition to factoring in the difference in league parks between any two leagues when doing MLE’s, you must also factor in the difference between league SCORING environments. In the previous Part II, I ‘plugged’ a 7% difference into […]

WHAT’S ON SECOND? The Japanese are Coming, Part II

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As was mentioned in Part I, over 600 (664 by my count) players have played in MLB and NPB. Out of that 664, 32 of those have been native born Japanese players. If we break out the numbers by batters and pitchers, we get: Japanese Pitchers to MLB – 23 Japanese Position Players to MLB […]

What’s On Second? The Japanese are Coming, Part I

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  Here on at “What’s On Second?”, we’ll be doing various ‘statistorian’ types of analysis, looking at the history and past statistics of baseball, hopefully with the goal of understanding the present a little differently.   Japanese baseball continues to have a bigger impact on U. S. baseball each passing year, with this year […]

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