May 22, 2019

Braves (5) Overcome 0-2 Deficit, Win Three Straight Against Giants (12) to Advance

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The following are game accounts from a holiday tournament I’m participating in using Action! PC Baseball from Dave Koch Sports Inc. We’re using 2018 rosters, teams are seeded based on their record, and I’m representing the Atlanta Braves (the Red Sox were already taken by the time it was my turn to pick). Information about the […]

Nats (8) Sweep Bucs (9)–Turner’s Inside-the-Parker Wins Game 2

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The following is a game account courtesy of Jim Clouser from a holiday tournament I’m participating in using Action! PC Baseball from Dave Koch Sports Inc. We’re using 2018 rosters, teams are seeded based on their record, and I’m representing the Atlanta Braves (the Red Sox were already taken by the time it was my turn […]

This Con is On Us

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Craig Calcaterra, who is NBC Sports’ lead baseball writer, wears his journalistic principles on his sleeve. Like a badge of honor, Calcaterra’s Twitter profile notes that “journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed.” Calcaterra’s website points out he worked for such Columbus firms as Thompson Hine, L.L.P and Squire, Sanders & Dempsey. […]

Negro League DB Update: 1927 Eastern Colored League

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Having brought our coverage of Negro league statistics forward to 1948, we are now going back to fill in the missing seasons from the late 1920s and early 1930s. First up is the 1927 Eastern Colored League, along with the Negro League World Series that year. The 1927 ECL opened with the same seven teams […]

“Rooftop Ruppert” Jones and His 12-Year Ride in Major League Baseball

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Ruppert Jones has one of the coolest nicknames in baseball history; “Rooftop Ruppert.” This was due to his proclivity in hitting tape measure home runs in Tiger Stadium during his lone season with the Detroit Tigers in 1984. However, this is just one part of a greater 12-year major league career enjoyed by the former outfielder. […]

“Field of Dreams” Changed Dwier Brown’s Life

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As iconic moments go, it’s hard to beat the scene from Field of Dreams when Kevin Costner turns to Dwier Brown and, with the late James Horner’s Oscar-nominated score supplying the appropriately tearful mood, asks, “Hey Dad, you wanna have a catch?” “I didn’t understand the profundity of it,” recalls Brown, who served as the keynote speaker this past […]

The Baseball Hall of Fame Case for Fred McGriff

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Voting for the 2019 class of the National Baseball Hall of Fame is due shortly. As always, there will be much debate over who should and shouldn’t get in, and a wheelbarrow load of whys. Contributing to this muck and mire is the following discussion of a player who is sure to get some votes, […]

Negro Leagues Database Update: East-West All-Star Games Added

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We have now added 22 new games to the Negro Leagues Database – the 16 East-West All-Star games played annually at Comiskey Park in Chicago from 1933 through 1948, plus 6 ‘second all-star games’ that were played at various eastern ballparks (two at the Polo Grounds, two at Yankee Stadium, one at Griffith Stadium and […]

Lots of Dollars But No Sense

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Guess how much each member of the Boston Red Sox who was voted a full playoff share for winning the World Series is getting? Over $416,800. Not bad. Here’s what is bad: at a time when our national pastime is doing financially well, when each team is valued at more than $1.52 billion – that’s […]

Boston Red Sox Radio Announcer Tim Neverett Discusses His Career and 2018 World Series

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The Boston Red Sox enjoyed a magical 2018, winning 108 games in the regular season, on their way to steamrolling through the playoffs and defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. It was also one of their most entertaining seasons, as in retrospect they seemingly cruised to the title right from the start. […]

“Field of Dreams” is Still a Heavenly Movie…Even if Isn’t Always Faithful to Its Source Material

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Okay, so you know the real “Shoeless” Joe Jackson batted lefty and threw righty, but that Ray Liotta bats right-handed and throws with his left in Field of Dreams. And that he was semi-illiterate, rather than the raconteur Liotta played him as. Okay, so you know that the real Archie “Moonlight” Graham died in 1965—making […]

The Road Less Traveled By…

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The Washington Nationals have reached a familiar decision point. In 1969 Bowie Kuhn stood at a similar divergence. He had to chose between Bob Short’s desire to purchase the Washington Senators and almost certainly move them somewhere else, or go with a local ownership group of unknown ability to hold the fort. Bob Short came to […]

Vance Law Discusses His Life In Baseball

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Vance Law had access to big league baseball that most kids can only dream about. His father Vern had a 16-year major league career as a star pitcher. Not surprisingly, Vance went into the family business and his in the midst of a 40-year (and still going) baseball career. Vance has an 11-year career (1980-1991) playing in the […]

Three Free Agents That May Interest the Boston Red Sox This Off-Season

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Now that the 2018 baseball season is over and Boston Red Sox players have retired to their couches and golf courses to enjoy the off-season, eyes shift to 2019. While the team will return an impressive core, there is always a desire to explore available players who may be able to improve on what is […]

Whitey Ford, Chairman of the Board and the Greatest Living Yankee

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There is something magical, lyrical even, about the man and his moniker. Whitey Ford. Chairman of the Board. For longtime Yankees fans, the native New Yorker – Ford was born in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens and will turn 90 on Oct. 21 – is not only the “Greatest Living Yankee,” he is as synonymous […]

Negro Leagues DB Update: 1948 NAL & NNL

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The latest addition to the Seamheads Negro Leagues DB encompasses the 1948 Negro American League, Negro National League, and World Series. This was the last season for the NNL, which ceased operations in 1949 as the Homestead Grays and Black Yankees dropped out, and the four remaining teams joined the Negro American League. It was […]

Lenny DiNardo: Memorable Boston Red Sox Pitcher Recalls His Career

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Making it to the major leagues is tough enough on its own. Breaking through to baseball’s highest level and becoming part of a historically memorable team is even rarer. Left-handed pitcher Lenny DiNardo had a 94-game big league career, but he stretched it out over the course of six seasons. He also played a pivotal role on […]

Babe Ruth’s Final Game as a Pitcher Was a Complete-Game Win Against the Boston Red Sox in 1933

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Before becoming synonymous with slugging baseballs, the legendary Babe Ruth was an outstanding pitcher, who was on track for a Hall of Fame career form the mound before destiny came calling with the lumber. The Bambino became a full-time hitter following the 1919 season, when he hit a then record 29 home runs and was […]

A Penultimate Farewell

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While the events, places, people and quotes (where noted) in this story are all documented as actual, any other references to dialogue and thoughts of the people involved are 100% from the imagination of the author. No interviews were conducted for this work. On a “cool, brisk and sunny”2 late-September Sunday afternoon, a crowd of […]

Help Select a Negro Leagues Centennial Team!

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From my friend Jay Caldwell at The Centennial of the founding of the Negro National League will be upon us before you know it—February 13, 2020. Among the ways we are planning to commemorate this occasion is by honoring a Negro Leagues Centennial Team with a BOBBLEHEAD of each player. You can help us. […]

Greg Litton: Baseball’s Mr. Versatile

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When discussing baseball prospects, versatility is not a skill that rises to the top. People want to know how fast someone can throw or how much powers they have more than whether they can do a lot of little things. However, this ability has served some players well and allowed them to have productive careers in […]

Cuba Ball Fundraiser

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Kit and Bob Krieger are Cubaballistas. The designation is reserved for those intrepid travelers and baseball aficionados who have visited Cuba on one of the 18 annual baseball tours organized by the Krieger brothers since 2001. Tour participants attend games of the Cuban National Series, whose graduates include Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez, Jose Contreras, Jose […]

Has Harper Been a Divider or a Uniter?

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Bryce Harper carves a path in the world of baseball like a comic book hero laying waste to bad guys. That is the way many fans see him; the way many depict him. The real world, one with which Harper has only nodding acquaintance, is more nuanced. The Harper era in Washington, DC is likely drawing […]

Joe Grahe: Baseball’s Comeback Kid

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Former pitcher Joe Grahe saw extreme highs and lows during his professional baseball career that are seldom experienced by the same player. For better or for worse they helped shape his seven-year major league career, which as it turned out was a complete success. The right-handed Grahe was taken in the second round of the 1989 draft […]

Two Lumbering Oafs

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I don’t know much about the process of turning wood into bats. I know the best bats are made from maple, ash or birch, but that’s about all I know; I certainly didn’t get good wood on the ball growing up. That was painfully obvious when I played Little League baseball more than 50 years ago. […]

Clark’s Boner

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Next month, on September 23, is the 110th anniversary of one of the most famous games in baseball history. Known as “Merkle’s Boner,” the contest pitted the Chicago Cubs against the New York Giants at the Polo Grounds in New York City. As an estimated 40,000 fans watched, rookie Fred Merkle failed to run to second […]

Why the Nationals’ Bullpen Sucks

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It is an oft told story: the implosion of the Washington Nationals reliever corps. It is happening now, and it has happened oh so many times that the success stories stand out starkly from the failures because there have been so few of them. Whether it is the failures of Drew Storen in the playoffs […]

Projecting the 2018 MLB MVP and Cy Young Award Winners

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Each Major League Baseball team still has over 40 games left to play in the regular season, as the playoff race is starting to truly take shape. Even though a lot can happen during that roughly quarter of the season, let’s take a look at my picks (at this point in the season) for some […]

The Best Team Usually Wins

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One of the bigger surprises in the 2018 season has been the impotence of the Washington Nationals. But that is why they play the games, why paper comparisons in March of this year failed to see how quickly the Atlanta Braves young team would gel with its veterans, or how Aaron Nola and Jake Arrieta […]

All Hail Max Scherzer, the Clear-Cut Best Pitcher in Baseball

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Although star baseball players are covered endlessly in social media and the press, it is possible that the greatest of the great are occasionally not given their full due. Pitcher Max Scherzer seems to be in that category. Recognized as one of the best pitchers in baseball, the truth at this time is that he […]

Bob Tewksbury: Former Hurler Now Pitching Benefits of Sports Psychology

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During his career pitcher Bob Tewksbury was one of the best control artists in the game with the simple act of drawing a walk being about as impressive as hitting a home run off him. 20 years after his playing career ended, the right-hander is still deeply involved in the game, working with a different […]

Knowing When to Hold Them and When to Fold Them

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You have to know when to hold them; know when to fold them. That is what separates the winners from the losers, pure and simple. The Washington Nationals are faced with that conundrum as they ready themselves for the second half of the 2018 season. Their .500 record–48 wins/48 losses–puts them five and one-half games […]

Bret Boone: Recalling His Life in Baseball

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The Boones are baseball family royalty with Ray, Bob, Aaron and Bret having played, and played at high levels, across three generations. The quartet combined for 5,890 hits and 634 home runs, providing indisputable statistical proof of their enormous impact on the game. Bret, who enjoyed a 14 year career as a second baseman from […]

Are All 1-0 Games Pitchers’ Duels?

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As we reach the halfway point of the 2018 season, I would like to note that there have already been 32 games this season in which the two teams combined to score just one run, compared to 28 such games all of last season. This isn’t a tendency or a trend; it is a force […]

Looking at Statistical Leaders at the Half-Way Point

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Most teams are at or around the 81-game mark, so the 2018 regular season is essentially half way over at this point. It is always fun to scan the leaders in various categories at this point in the season and do the easy math to see what we are on pace for. Some things don’t […]

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