August 14, 2020

Medio siglo del primer no-hitter de Sandy Koufax. (Half a century from Sandy Koufax’s first no-hitter).

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Cualquier aficionado al béisbol tal vez recuerde este juego. Casi seguro cualquier fanático de los Dodgers si lo ubica en su memoria. Para un cultor de Sanford Koufax, al más genuino estilo de Humberto Acosta, resultaría un sacrilegio permitir que la amnesia borrara ese momento cuando Koufax empezaba a dar muestras contundentes de su presencia […]

Letters From Quebec: Remembering Willie Davis…

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“There was only one Jackie Robinson and he was fantastic,” Willie Davis said about the Dodger immortal who broke baseball’s colour barrier, first with the old Montreal Royals and then with Brooklyn Dodgers.  Then he added, “There’s only one Willie Davis, and I’m fantastic too.” Willie Davis, to Montreal Gazette journalist Tim Burke, June 12, […]

The Enigmatic Willie Davis

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Signed as an 18-year-old in 1958, Willie Davis was a ballplayer of many talents and many quirks. A multiple threat in high school, Willie was a basketball star, as well as a right hand hitting lefty pitcher and first baseman with blazing speed. After a makeover courtesy of Dodger scout Kenny Myers, Davis became a […]