July 28, 2014

“The Greatest Tiger of Them All” returns to Detroit

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1001 Main St. Suite 112N Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 (650) 712-1879 Cell (650) 270-1829 normcoleman36@gmail.com www.tycobb367.com http://www.facebook.com/norm.coleman1 Press Release For Immediate Release Contact: Norm Coleman August 10, 2014 Half Moon Bay, CA: Ty (The Georgia Peach) Cobb, “The Greatest Tiger of Them All” returns to Detroit at the Masonic Temple, 500 Temple Street on […]

An Interview with a Batman who was also a Penguin: Ron Cey

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Hey baseball fans! Who’s ready to read an interview with former Dodgers’ All Star third baseman, Ron Cey? I hope you are, but before you get the chance to read about a member of the 1981 World Series-winning Dodgers, let me tell you a little bit about Cey. Ronald Charles Cey (pronounced like “say”) played […]

Catching Up With Former Boston Red Sox Pitcher Kyle Snyder

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The 2007 Boston Red Sox were a dominant team that seemingly breezed their way to 96 regular season victories, never relinquished first place in the strong American League East after April 18, and finished with a commanding World Series sweep of the Colorado Rockies. That roster may have won it all that year but they […]

A Breakthrough: First Castro Regime-Approved Cuban Player Debuts in Can-Am League

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The Can-Am League appears to have pulled off a major feat any professional league would like to duplicate. Culminating an effort that started about five years ago, the league’s Quebec Capitales have the first Cuban Government-sanctioned imported player since the Fidel Castro regime started decades ago.  More Cubans could be allowed to compete in the […]

The Hall of Very Good™ Adds Three‏

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The Hall of Very Good™ is proud to open its proverbial doors to three new members…Boston Red Sox fan favorite Luis Tiant, Minnesota Twins legend Tony Oliva and, for the first time, The Hall’s inaugural celebrity inductee, The San Diego Chicken. “Thank you to The Hall of Very Good™ for inducting me into the class […]

What’s Behind the Texas Rangers’ Pre All-Star Break Collapse?

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Since 2010, the Texas Rangers have never been far from the playoffs – until now. The Rangers made the World Series in 2010 and 2011, reached the one-game Wild Card round in 2012, and then lost a one-game tie-breaker playoff in 2013 to get into the Wild Card round. Barring a miracle comeback this season, […]

Veeck – As In Wreck

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Book Review: Veeck – As In Wreck Bill Veeck would have turned 100 this year and assuredly would have had a lot to say. Veeck is remembered for owning the Milwaukee Brewers, Cleveland Indians, St. Louis Browns and Chicago White Sox at various points from the 1940s to the 1970s and his autobiography, Veeck – […]

All-Star Start Last Appearance for Tracy McGrady; Atlantic League Mound Visits to Shrink–Dramatically

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Unlike the attention paid when Michael Jordan aborted his effort to play professional baseball, recent NBA star Tracy McGrady’s experiment to try pitching ended without great fanfare even though the Atlantic League gave him the rare platform of being the starting pitcher for host Sugar Land, TX in this week’s All-Star Game against the other […]

The “All-Small Hall” Team Part Four (The Finale)

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Hey baseball fans! This is my last post about the “All-Small Hall” team! If you don’t know what the “All-Small Hall” team is, click here for the first post of this series that has an excellent explanation, click here for the second part of the series and click here for the third part. Anyway, it’s time to […]

Tales From the Deadball Era Fun For All

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When I learned that Mark Halfon’s Tales From the Deadball Era: Ty Cobb, Home Run Baker, Shoeless Joe Jackson, and the Wildest Times in Baseball History had been released I couldn’t wait to crack it open.  I wasn’t disappointed.  Rather than chronicle the Deadball Era (1901-1920) in chronological order, Halfon takes a different approach and […]

MLB All-Star Game In Memoriam 2014

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From my buddy Sully: “Fox couldn’t pay tribute to Tony Gwynn or any other baseball great who passed away recently. This video pays respect to the Hall of Famers, All Stars and other baseball stars who have died since the last All Star Game.” Enjoy!  

Negro Leagues DB Update: 1935 Negro National League

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Check out the newest addition to the Negro Leagues DB: the 1935 Negro National League season. The defending champion Philadelphia Stars fell off quite a bit in 1935, partly because several of their key performers (Biz Mackey, Chaney White) were aging, but mostly because their ace, 1934′s 20-game winner Slim Jones, couldn’t stay away from […]

The Offensive Efficiency Paradox of the Hitless (Punchless) Wonders

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Until their offensive rampage against the Yankees in their two games in the Bronx this week, the Mets had been struggling to score runs even when getting runners on base.  A major reason why: the second-lowest total bases in major league baseball.  Brings to mind the hidden reality of the team best known in history […]

Thoughts on the Hall of Fame Career of Ichiro

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Now 40 years old, the New York Yankees’ Ichiro Suzuki is nearing the end of an extraordinary career. One of the finest-conditioned athletes in the game, he certainly has the body to play for another two or three years. But is the desire there? Ichiro will be a free agent after this season. It is […]

Could a Washington Baseball Hall of Fame Museum Unite the City’s Baseball Legacies?

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There is still a hole in the middle of the Washington, DC baseball tradition that is thirty-four years wide and many of the great moments in the city’s bountiful Major League Baseball history remain lost inside it. Much of that memorable history occurred at old Griffith Stadium and when it was torn down after the […]

Ben Cherington’s Yard Sale: Everything Must Go!

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This is going to be like a yard sale at that big house in that nice neighborhood, owned by those people that just seemed to fit well together, until suddenly it all fell apart. Now, the late celebrations and proud accomplishments are just a memory, commemorated in the big, bedazzled jewelry, and a thick photo […]

Vin Scully Is Wrong, and I’m Right

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Yes, the title of this piece is a sensationalist headline, designed to grab your attention and draw you in to read further. Vin Scully is wrong–about something, perhaps about only one thing–but my point here is not to single him out for criticism. He is far from the only baseball announcer to make an all too […]

A Look Back at When Babe Ruth Nearly Became the Detroit Tigers’ Player-Manager

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By the end of the 1933 season, it was obvious that Babe Ruth didn’t have much left in the tank. He was coming off a campaign in which he had hit only 34 home runs, with 103 RBIs and a .301 batting average. While very good numbers for mere mortals, this was, after all, the […]

The “All-Small Hall” Team Part Three

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Hey baseball fans! It’s time for the third installment of the series in which I talk about who is on my “All-Small Hall” team! In case you missed the first two posts of this series, click here for part one and click here for part two. Anyway, let’s get on with part three, shall we? […]

An Interview With 1960s Yankees Minor Leaguer Ike Futch

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Ike Futch, who played second base, mostly, for a variety of Yankee minor league teams from 1959 through 1964, recently wrote this about Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra in a comment responding to a post I’d written about the two Yankee greats: “I had the privilege to be on the same field with this fine […]

Atlantic League Seems Poised to Introduce Some Speed-Up Measures as Early as Next Week

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The Atlantic League has already enjoyed a big week because of Julio DePaula’s record-breaking ascension from the York (PA) Revolution to the Baltimore Orioles bullpen although after getting a sneak peak at some of its possible pace-of-play recommendations the 17-year-old circuit seems to be on the brink of stirring up considerable debate, possibly stretching throughout […]

The “All-Small Hall” Team Part Two

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Hey baseball fans! Today, I’m going to continue where I left off in my last post and talk more about the “All-Small Hall” team. In the last post, I talked about my pitcher and catcher, but now, it’s time to talk about the right side of the infield, the first baseman and second baseman. First Baseman: […]

When Will Baltimore Be Forced to Quit Stealing TV Revenues in the Mid-Atlantic?

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It is easiest to steal money when no one is watching. And so Peter Angelos has had easy pickings for almost a decade as he took TV revenues away from the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN) that broadcasts games for the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals on local cable outlets. Television revenues are the name of the game […]

Introduction to the “All-Small Hall” Team

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Hey baseball fans! Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to tell you about my “All-Small Hall” team. I know what you’re thinking: what in the world is the “All-Small Hall” team? Well, my ASHT consists of players who were small in stature, but very big in terms of their performance. My restrictions on […]

Where Have All the Hitters Gone?

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With major league teams reaching the season’s mid-point by playing their 81st game of the season, it’s a good time to take a look at hitters that are on target for the triple milestones of a .300 batting average, 30 home runs and 100 RBIs and pitchers on target for 20 wins, 200 strikeouts and […]

Atlantic League Record-Holder Welcomes New ‘LHP’ Son, Discusses Recent No-Hit Teammate Scarpetta

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Therecord-holder for career mound appearances knows a great deal about wake-up calls for players coming into the Atlantic League because he has seen a lot of them the last 10 years although, if I may try to interject a little humor, Ross Peeples has learned about a different type of wake-up alert the last 20 […]

Astros Remain Competitive in June

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After posting their first winning month in May since September, 2010, the Astros didn’t quite duplicate the feat in June with a 12-15 record.  The strong finish in May carried over to the beginning of June as the team started the month with a record of 7-5, including a streak of winning or splitting 7 […]

I Didn’t Know That Mites Could Play Baseball

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Hey baseball fans! The Chicago White Sox were not the best team in the 1950s, but they did have Hall of Fame shortstop Luis Aparicio. Then again, the ChiSox had another Hall of Fame middle infielder: Nellie Fox! In case you don’t know who he is, let me explain. Jacob Nelson “Nellie” Fox was an […]

50 Years Ago: The ’64 Phillies–Mauch Loved to Sacrifice

The ’64 Phillies passed the first real test as to their competitive mettle on the Fourth of July weekend by sweeping three straight from the Giants with first place at stake. Their one-run victory in the concluding game showcased Gene Mauch’s managerial proclivity to emphasize small ball tactics (sacrifice bunts, hit-and-run plays, productive outs) to […]

The Duke (or El Duque) of New York, Not the Duke of York

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Hey baseball fans! The 1998 Yankees are considered one of the best teams of all time, winning 114 games and, eventually, the World Series. They had a great offense, but they also had excellent starting pitching. Guys like Andy Pettitte, David Wells, Hideki Irabu, and David Cone propelled the Yankees to a season for the […]

Touring The Bases With…Barry Lyons

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A Mississippi native who starred at Delta State University, Barry Lyons was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in the 25th round of the 1981 amateur draft, then by the New York Mets in the 15th round of the 1982 amateur draft.  He signed with the Mets and began his professional career in Single A where […]

Oh, Yes! The Four-Man Rotation Is Alive With Tagert’s American Association Team

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The four-man rotation is not dead.  Far from it. Greg Tagert, who has his defending champion Gary (IN) SouthShore RailCats atop the American Association’s Central Division, has long been a proponent of having only four starting pitchers, which has to have him respected by old-school baseball people since virtually all of the professional baseball universe […]

Goodbye, “Mr. Padre”

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Dear Mr. Gwynn: I dislike writing pieces like this–about legends taken from this world much before their time; I guess it remains (and always will) a cold reality in a very unfair world. Sometimes, words just aren’t enough, y’know? However, I’ll give it a try. When I first learned of your death last week at […]

The Chicken Man Sure Could Hit

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Hey baseball fans! One of my favorite things about baseball is the quirky superstitions that some players had. Click here to read my post of some of the greatest baseball superstitions of all time. One of my favorites on that list is Wade Boggs‘ tradition of eating a plate of fried chicken before every game. […]

The Coolest Gerbil That Wasn’t a Pet: Don Zimmer

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Hey baseball fans! Recently, former baseball player, manager, and coach, Don Zimmer, passed away. Considering I have never talked about him, here is just a quick biography on Zimmer. So, Donald William “The Gerbil” Zimmer (he was called that because he resembled a gerbil) played in the MLB from 1954-1965 with the Brooklyn/LA Dodgers, the […]

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