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Negro Leagues Database: Update

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Over the weekend we made our first significant update to the Database, with some new biographical information for a number of players and RBI added for the Cuban leagues.  Plus we’ve specified players who are in the Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame, players who played in MLB, and players who played in the U.S. minor leagues.  See Dolf Luque for an example.

Brian McKenna provided corrections and new information on Frank Lindsey “Strangler” Forbes, taken from Brian’s excellent threepart biography of Forbes posted at his blog.

Nancy Griffith shared her research on the 1920s infielder Richard Jackson, who got his start in the South Carolina textile leagues.  One thing we haven’t been able to do is identify Jackson in a photo; if anybody can find a picture of him, both Nancy and I would love to hear from you.

One reader pointed out that we had southpaw Jim Jeffries born in Louisville, Kentucky, when other sources list him as born in Nashville, Tennessee.  Here’s Jeffries’s World War I draft card, which he signed, and which gives Louisville as his birthplace:

Several census entries also link Jeffries to Kentucky.  One thing we don’t know anything about is his post-baseball career, and where and when he passed away.  If you have information, let us know!

I was able to establish the identity of “Steno,” left fielder for the 1917 All Nations club.  He was an Italian immigrant named Agostino “Steno” or “Gus” Gatto, who went by the name “Gus Steno” as a ballplayer.  He played in some low-level minor leagues before joining the All Nations, and continued to play amateur ball in Kansas City into the 1920s.  He was reputed to have set a record by reaching first base on a bunt in 3 1/5 seconds.

At my own blog I’ve posted an article about Zack Foreman, a Cherokee Freedman and heir to a cattle fortune who pitched for the Kansas City Monarchs until he was murdered in September, 1921.

Frank Forbes, Jim Jeffries, Gus Steno, Zack Foreman

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