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Defensive Regression Analysis (DRA)

Counting Stats

G = Games
GS = Games Started
Inn = Innings
PO = Putouts
A = Assists
E = Errors
DP = Double Plays
PB = Passed Balls
WP = Wild Pitches
SB = Stolen Bases
CS = Caught Stealing

Rate Stats

Fld% = Fielding Percentage ((PO + A) / (PO + A + E))
RF = Range Factor = ((PO + A) * 9 / Inn)

Defensive Regressino Analysis (DRA)

DRA was created by Michael Humphreys and its method is described in the book Wizardry. He has provided the data for seasons from 1893-2009. The remaining years (1871-1892 & 2010-present) have been calculated by The Baseball Gauge.

DRA Categories


Total runs saved from all categories below.


Runs Saved from a fielder's range. Catchers are not included.


Total runs saved per 1000 innings.


Runs Saved from catcher's assists in the field, caught stealings, and stolen bases allowed.


Runs Saved from catchers avoiding passed balls.


Runs saved from outfield assists

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All biographical data, copyright 2011-2018 Gary Ashwill.

Playing statistics for 1887-1922 and 1926-1938, as well as all Cuban League games (1902-1928) and Negro League vs. Major League games (1887-1944), copyright 2011-2018 Gary Ashwill.

Playing statistics for 1923 (except Negro League vs. Major League games), copyright 2011-2018 Patrick Rock.

Playing statistics for 1933 and 1943, copyright 2013-2018 Scott Simkus.

Playing statistics for 1924-1925, 1939-1942, and 1944-1946 Negro Leagues (not including Cuban League and Negro League vs. Major League games), copyright 2011-2018 Larry Lester, Wayne Stivers, Gary Ashwill.

Defensive Regression Analysis data used here was obtained with permission from Michael Humphreys, author of Wizardry

Win Shares are calculated using the formula in the book Win Shares by Bill James