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Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation: Pepsi Refresh Project

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The month of October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, brings with it an exciting opportunity for our Foundation and the children whose lives we affect. The Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation has been selected by Pepsi to compete for a $250,000 grant and the only way to ensure our success is through the support of our friends and their commitment to voting! This grant will go to our signature programming initiative, Margaret’s Place, a safe room in schools that works to promote awareness, prevent violence, and intervene in high-risk situations.

Please take a moment to VOTE EVERY DAY in the month of OCTOBER – We are asking you to reach out to your contacts and embark on a recruiting campaign as an official teammate of the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation! We truly believe in our chance to win this grant and change the lives of countless children who are affected by abuse, but we know we cannot do it alone. We need your support and the support of your friends and families! Please click the link below, sign up for Pepsi Refresh and vote EVERY DAY IN THE MONTH OF OCTOBER.

Each person is allowed to vote once a day online and via text and you’ll need a simple sign up to get started on the Pepsi website. You can even sign in using your Facebook account!

1. Go to the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation’s page:

2. Click on the “Vote for this idea” button

3. If you haven’t registered or signed in, you will be prompted to do so

4. After you have signed in, make sure you click the “Vote for this idea” button

(The button will disappear once you have voted for us)

5. After you vote, you can easily promote our idea on Facebook and Twitter!

6. Let us know if you have any questions! It will be posted on the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation website and Facebook page every day for easy access to the website!

We also encourage you to vote via text every day!

Text 103254 to the number 73774 (Pepsi).

Put it on your calendar! Set an alarm! Keep those votes coming!


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