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Off the Beaten Basepaths #3: The Eastern Shore

May 1, 2012 by · 2 Comments 

Maryland’s Eastern Shore and the Delmarva Peninsula has a rich baseball history. Hall of Famers Jimmie Foxx and Frank “Home Run” Baker were born there as were many other Major League ballplayers. An excellent musuem, the Eastern Shore Baseball Hall of Fame, is located in Salisbury. But there’s no sense reading about it, when you can take this virtual tour:


2 Responses to “Off the Beaten Basepaths #3: The Eastern Shore”
  1. Tom Strother says:

    Thanks for providing this video. Lots of interesting info in such a short video & of a place I will most likely never see otherwise. I had no idea Bill Nicholson had a statue honoring him anywhere. Might be a good project for someone–compile a list of ball players with statues dedicated to them.

  2. Austin says:

    @Tom Strother – You’re very welcome, Tom. A statue survey would be a good idea.

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