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Triple Milestone Targets 2013

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With four weeks to go, only two players are on target for triple milestones of a .300 batting average, 30 home runs and 100 RBIs but six others are close.  Only one pitcher is on target for the milestones of 20 wins, 200 strikeouts and an ERA less than 3.00.  No other pitchers are close.

At this point in the season, a batter must have a batting average of .300, 25 home runs and 85 RBIs to be on target.  To be considered close, he must have a batting average of .290, 23 home runs and 80 RBIs.

A pitcher must have 17 wins, 169 strikeouts and an ERA of less than 3.00 to be on target.  To be considered close, he must have 16 wins, 159 strikeouts and an ERA of less than 3.15.

Here are the players who are on target or close:

Bat Avg HR RBI Comments
Miguel Cabrera .358 43 133 Has it made with room to spare
Robinson Cano .305 25 89 On target but needs home runs and RBI
Chris Davis .298 47 122 Needs a couple of points on batting average
Paul Goldschmidt .295 31 104 Close but short on batting average
Adrian Beltre .327 28 82 A little short on RBI
Adam Jones .293 28 98 Close and coming on strong
David Ortiz .312 24 85 Close but needs home runs
Mike Trout .335 23 82 Close but needs home runs and RBI


No pitcher other than Max Scherzer is on pace for more than 15 wins.  Since pitchers wins are not controllable, it’s interesting to look at which pitchers are on target on both strikeouts and ERA but not wins.

W-L ERA K’s Comments
Max Scherzer 19-1 2.90 201 On target but ERA could be problem
Yu Darvish 12-6 2.73 236
Clayton Kershaw 14-8 1.89 231
Felix Hernandez 12-9 3.01 200
Chris Sale 10-12 2.99 193
Matt Harvey 9-5 2.27 191
Adam Wainwright 15-9 3.14 187
Stephen Strasburg 6-9 2.85 174
Jose Fernandez 10-6 2.33 173




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  1. Dr. Doom says:

    Miggy’s HR and RBI numbers are Chris Davis’. If only he were tied for the lead in HR, he’d have another chance of a Triple Crown! Unfortunately, it’s just not gonna happen.

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