February 3, 2023

About Us

When Seamheads.com was launched in October 2007, it was founder Mike Lynch’s goal to build a large writing staff which would add insight, experience, knowledge and passion to the website. A lot has happened since then—the Red Sox have won three World Series in 14 years and four this century after suffering an 86-year 20th century drought; six perfect games have been thrown, bringing the total to 23; Dustin Pedroia became the first AL second baseman to win the AL MVP since Nellie Fox in 1959; Ron Santo finally made the Hall of Fame; the Yankees won their 27th World Series, the Cardinals won their NL-leading 11th, and the Dodgers won their seventh after losing 13 postseason series since 1989.  And Seamheads.com has taken a giant step towards making Lynch’s dream a reality.

In 2012, their ground-breaking Negro Leagues Database won the SABR Baseball Research Award; in 2016, Seamheads.com co-founder and Negro Leagues expert, Kevin Johnson, was awarded the Tweed Webb Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedication to Negro Leagues research; Johnson and Negro Leagues expert, Gary Ashwill, won the Fay Vincent Most Valuable Partner Award in 2019 and Lynch was awarded the Tweed Webb Lifetime Achievement Award that same year.

As a group, Seamheads.com writers have authored or co-authored numerous books about baseball. Their work has appeared in more than 100 publications, including ESPN The Magazine, The Sporting News, the Boston Globe, New York Post, Total Baseball, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Philadelphia Daily News, Baseball Digest, Street & Smith’s Official Baseball Yearbook, The Baseball Research Journal, Baseball Illustrated, Bill Mazeroski’s Baseball, Cincinnati Enquirer and Cincinnati Post, Detroit Free Press, Elysian Fields Quarterly, ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia, El Nacional in Venezuela, Houston Chronicle, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The National Pastime, the Oregonian, Washington Times; and on 20 web sites, including MLB.com, Fox Sports, Baseball-Reference.com, SportingNews.com and Baseball Think Factory.

Among the Seamheads.com ranks over the years have been former Major League second baseman and author Jack Perconte; former Hall of Fame research associate and author Gabriel Schechter; former ESPN senior writer Jon Pessah, who helped launch ESPN The Magazine; Dan Schlossberg, author of 35 books and long-time friend of the Atlanta Braves; Paul “Sully” Sullivan, an Emmy nominated television producer whose credits include “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “The Bonnie Hunt Show”; best selling author Peter Golenbock; Negro Leagues historians Gary Ashwill and Kevin Johnson; Black Sox expert and author Gene Carney; former mayor of Cooperstown, NY and author Jeff Katz; former Sports Illustrated writer and author Jim Kaplan; and a host of other current or former professional sportswriters and news men and women who will be covering all aspects of The Game from the 19th century to today.

Seamheads.com writers have won or were finalists for the Larry Ritter Award, Casey Award, Sporting News-SABR Baseball Research Award and Seymour Medal, and have earned Yoseloff-SABR Baseball Research Grants.  Their groundbreaking Negro Leagues Database has been nominated for a 2011 Sporting News-SABR Baseball Research Award.


“The most authoritative record of Negro League statistics ever assembled.” — Bryant Gumbel, HBO Real Sports.

“The Seamheads stats for the Negro Leagues from ’20 to ’48, taken as a whole, are as good or better than some of the 19th-century data which has gotten the official imprimatur of Major League Baseball.” — Gary Gillette, author, writer, editor, and baseball historian.

“I think you do an excellent job with your site and its content. The site reflects a passion for the game and the history of the game.” — Fred Claire, former Los Angeles Dodgers executive.

“You write and research well.  That is not a common trait.” — Tal Smith, former Houston Astros executive.

“Mike Lynch does interesting, ground-breaking work as the founder and kingpin of Seamheads.com. He has an equally interesting group of baseball savants who write for his website. Seamheads is one of the most important websites that comment and opine about the great game of baseball.” — Peter Golenbock, sports journalist and best-selling author.

“Thank you for sending your [1912 article] along, and it is OUTSTANDING, as always, thorough and dead-on and very well written. It is a fascinating subject and a wonderful tale you tell very, very well.” — Mike Vaccaro, New York Post.

“Mike is a dedicated and skilled baseball professional with a passion for baseball’s past and present. His website is outstanding but more importantly, he is a valued colleague with whom I would be delighted to work again.” — John Thorn, author and Official Historian of Major League Baseball.

“You did a great job and I enjoyed watching from afar.  I love your passion too, I wish I could bottle it and sell it—I would be rich.” — Ross Bernstein, motivational speaker and best-selling author.

“Seamheads is an important venue for the publication of good baseball research and writing. In creating, maintaining, and growing this site, Mike Lynch has performed a valuable service to the baseball-research community and to the larger universe of casual fans who would like to study up on the game. It’s an impressive achievement.” — Nicholas Frankovich, Publications Director, Society for American Baseball Research.

 “Speaking of seamheads, the real Seamheads offer a look at the Negro Leagues—specifically, the Negro Leagues in 1928—the likes of which I’ve not seen before.” — Rob Neyer, ESPN, in his ‘Wednesday Wangdoodles’ of December 15, 2010.

“If you enjoy this kind of thing, here’s how the World Series will go according to the Bill James formula of predicting the winner, courtesy of the gang at the excellent baseball web site, Seamheads.com.” — Bernie Miklasz, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, on October 27, 2010.

“Mike has combined extensive knowledge of baseball with hard work, remarkable innovation, and writing proficiency to produce the outstanding baseball blog Seamheads.com. One of the best of baseball researchers, Mike is the person to go to for information on an amazing range of baseball topics, and he is very generous in sharing his knowledge. He has been a boon to the baseball community.” — former MLB pitcher and Author Dave Baldwin

“Every ballpark, every year, every dimension, every park factor. The new Seamheads Ballpark Database promises to be an invaluable resource.” — Ask Rotoman, askrotoman.com.