September 27, 2023

iOOTP12 for Apple

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iOOTP12 for Apple (sorry, Android fans, you’ve got at least another year to wait before partaking) is the Kate Upton to OOTP13’s Sofia Vergara: whereas the latter has endless curves, you sure as hell won’t mind spending hours with the slimmer, compact version. Kate (uh, I mean, iOOTP12) is well worth the price of admission, […]

OOTP 13: Perhaps The Best Sports Simulation Game Ever

April 2, 2012 by · 11 Comments 

To paraphrase the words of the portly Simpsons character Comic Book Man, Out of the Park 13 is perhaps the “Best Game Ever” when it comes to sports simulations. Proclaiming OOTP13 as such doesn’t give the game enough justice. As awe-inspiring as last year’s edition was, producer Markus Heinson and his band of creative baseball […]

Out Of The Park Baseball Simulation 2011

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Albert Pujols, Buster Posey and Derek Jeter aren’t injured. The Cubs win the National League Central. Despite their financial woes, the Dodgers pull off an improbable season. The Astros still stink. Thanks to our friends at Out of the Park Developments, we were able to turn back time and simulate the 2011 season with their […]

What Might Have Been…J.R. Richard

December 21, 2010 by · 3 Comments 

By the spring of 1980, James Rodney Richard — J.R. for brevity’s sake — had become one of the most feared pitchers in baseball. The 6’8, 250-pounder had finally harnessed the immense potential that made the Houston Astros select him as their first round choice in the 1969 draft. The Ruston, Louisiana resident quickly reached […]

Bigger Than the Game: Bo, Boz, The Punky QB and How the ’80s Created the Modern Athlete

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In a span of 366 days, four players changed the landscape of sports as we know it. Without the use of a hot tub time machine, author Michael Weinreb takes us back to 1986 in Bigger Than the Game: Bo, Boz, The Punky QB and How the ’80s Created the Modern Athlete, a remarkable study […]

Call Them World Champions — Yet Again

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A simulated season on Out of the Park Baseball 11 ( determined that the New York Yankees will win the 2010 World Series over the Philadelphia Phillies. The title would be the 29th in franchise history, but the first one via wild card for the Bronx Bombers, who finished second to Tampa in the American […]