February 22, 2024

Removing An Obstruction, a New Tide Is Restoring the Sox

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Three hundred fifty years ago, when New England built roadbeds and train tracks through coastal salt marshes, the builders had the good sense to build culverts and other openings to let the tidal sea water in. The mistake they made was allowing an inadequate amount to flow through, resulting in dieback and the other symptoms […]

Ben Cherington’s Yard Sale: Everything Must Go!

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This is going to be like a yard sale at that big house in that nice neighborhood, owned by those people that just seemed to fit well together, until suddenly it all fell apart. Now, the late celebrations and proud accomplishments are just a memory, commemorated in the big, bedazzled jewelry, and a thick photo […]

“Everything’s a Big Deal In Boston”

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This is no time for A.J. Pierzynski to get weird, but there he was accepting all of the blame for that day’s loss. “I guess I just didn’t frame the pitches good enough,” he said, or something like that. “On the play at the plate, I dropped the throw. (Dustin Pedroia’s) a gold-glove defender, but […]

Plunking Ortiz Was a Continuation of Price’s Fall Last Fall

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So, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price was finally fined last week for hitting David Ortiz and Mike Carp, forcing Red Sox fans to put down their torches and pitchforks, at least for now. The question for fans should be, has this phase passed, or will this be just an early part of Price’s “Possessed […]

Drew Is Set To Return, But Who Wants Him?

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Red Sox fans can credit the Stephen Drew signing as having turned around the season – even if most of them don’t want to see him play for the Red Sox. Actually, the Sox were still looking pretty lousy for a few days after they made the Drew announcement on May 20. For example, upon […]

Sox Fans, This Is What You’re Seeing

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All over Boston, the refrain is the same. “Who could have predicted this?” the pundits say. “Nobody predicted they’d be this good.” Unburdened by false modesty, I will tap my chest and say, “Me! It was me that predicted it! I’m the guy! Why don’t more people listen to View from the Lone Red Seat?!” […]

There’s Optimism Over Red Sox Newfound Mound Speed

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The guy I like best from Red Sox spring training is the guy who brought the stopwatch to the bullpen. Maybe it was Manager John Farrell or Pitching Coach Juan Nieves. I don’t care. But someone brought the stopwatch as a teaching aid for Red Sox starting pitchers, and that person deserves a Duck Boat […]