June 12, 2024

MLB Searches for Talent, but Not in the Right Places

May 19, 2014 by · 2 Comments 

Major League Baseball works to develop replacement talent needed to keep the professional game going, basing its training centers in so-called academies built at places around the world where the administrators of the men’s game believe that talent can be nurtured. Those places include countries like the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Australia, and even Italy (the […]

A Girl Is Embarrassed

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Smart American girls have traditionally been taught never to reveal that they might know more than boys do. Girls of Eleanor Roosevelt’s era concealed their education, if they had any, because they had been told that boys didn’t like educated girls, who might inadvertently reveal that they knew more than the boys did. It’s unsurprising […]

Justine Siegal Champions “Baseball for All”

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A lot of girls say baseball is their favorite sport. They love playing it. If so, why do girls drop out of baseball? The answer comes from Justine Siegal, a pioneer baseball player who now directs a nonprofit organization called “Baseball for All,” which makes opportunities for girls as players, coaches, umpires, and leaders. Justine […]