September 29, 2023

Retro World Baseball Classic, Revisited

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The World Baseball Classic features ballplayers from various geographical regions competing in a tournament which culminates in bragging rights for the winning team and the country that they represent. I devised a slight twist on this theme back in 2017 to retroactively create a computer-based simulation of the best baseball players in the World based […]


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Before the 1941 season began, the Mexican League consolidated, going from 7 teams down to only 6 teams. Although the number of Negro Leaguers decreased from 67 to 58, in percentage terms they increased from around 33% to 40% of the total player population. But this understates their impact, as in terms of At Bats, […]

Uh Oh, It’s Oh

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Hey baseball fans! Happy New Year!!  Anyway, for today’s post, I will be blogging about a baseball player who never played in the states, but is one of the most popular international baseball players of all time. Sadaharu Oh played for the Yomiuri Giants from 1959-1980 in the professional Japanese baseball league. He originally was […]

When Is The Fan Going To Think About These Things?

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“They are governed by private associations or corporations by a minimum number of promoters or sports clubs or both classes, to promote, sponsor and organize a sport and will boost programs of public and social interest”. The above is the concept of “League”, so it cannot include the Negro Leagues as this kind of association—simply […]

Do you know Puello of Edmundo Garcia Post?

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The following is in response to an article posted here. Edmundo Garcia is not an important figure nor to the Castro dictatorship, by low contributions in decent circles, illegally trafficked works of art and his mother, Rosa Gomez, then in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Castro by the Ministry of education, managed […]

Manuel “El Pollo” Malpica fue un héroe del deporte Venezolano‏ (Manuel “El Pollo” Malpica was a Venezuelan sports hero)

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En la presente temporada del Bèisbol profesional de Venezuela se acordó la creación de un premio para el mejor receptor de la temporada.  la junta directiva de Liga  distinguirá al con el premio MANUEL POLLO MALPICA al receptor más destacado de la Zafra.El premio MANUEL “POLLO” MALPICA rinde un merecido homenaje a uno de los […]

Teolindo Acosta en la historia del Bèisbol Venezolano‏ (Teolinda Acosta in the history of Venezuelan baseball)

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El pasado mes de noviembre en plena temporada del béisbol Venezolano,el jardinero Robert Pèrez una vez màs escribe otra pagina dorada de su rutilante carrera de 24 años en Venezuela. En un juego de su equipos cardenales de Lara ante Caribes de Anzoàtegui batea un imparable que le permite igualar el segundo lugar de la […]

USA Baseball National Training Complex in Cary, NC

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If you’re a “baseball tourist” as I am, you’re always on the lookout for interesting baseball sites whenever you travel. On a recent visit to Cary, North Carolina, I had the opportunity to tour the USA Baseball National Training Complex which was opened in 2007 and is owned by the Town of Cary. USA Baseball […]

Wally Yonamine and the Integration of Japanese Baseball

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A rock whizzed by Wally Yonamine’s head. Jeers and taunts followed. “Yankee Go Home!” “Go Back to Hawaii!” Some yelled insults in Japanese, while a few yelled the only English they knew, “One, Two, Three!” The abuse had begun the minute Wally took his position in Koshien Stadium’s left field. The home-town Hanshin Tiger fans […]