July 26, 2014

A Breakthrough: First Castro Regime-Approved Cuban Player Debuts in Can-Am League

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The Can-Am League appears to have pulled off a major feat any professional league would like to duplicate. Culminating an effort that started about five years ago, the league’s Quebec Capitales have the first Cuban Government-sanctioned imported player since the Fidel Castro regime started decades ago.  More Cubans could be allowed to compete in the […]

All-Star Start Last Appearance for Tracy McGrady; Atlantic League Mound Visits to Shrink–Dramatically

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Unlike the attention paid when Michael Jordan aborted his effort to play professional baseball, recent NBA star Tracy McGrady’s experiment to try pitching ended without great fanfare even though the Atlantic League gave him the rare platform of being the starting pitcher for host Sugar Land, TX in this week’s All-Star Game against the other […]

Atlantic League Seems Poised to Introduce Some Speed-Up Measures as Early as Next Week

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The Atlantic League has already enjoyed a big week because of Julio DePaula’s record-breaking ascension from the York (PA) Revolution to the Baltimore Orioles bullpen although after getting a sneak peak at some of its possible pace-of-play recommendations the 17-year-old circuit seems to be on the brink of stirring up considerable debate, possibly stretching throughout […]

Atlantic League Record-Holder Welcomes New ‘LHP’ Son, Discusses Recent No-Hit Teammate Scarpetta

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Therecord-holder for career mound appearances knows a great deal about wake-up calls for players coming into the Atlantic League because he has seen a lot of them the last 10 years although, if I may try to interject a little humor, Ross Peeples has learned about a different type of wake-up alert the last 20 […]

Oh, Yes! The Four-Man Rotation Is Alive With Tagert’s American Association Team

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The four-man rotation is not dead.  Far from it. Greg Tagert, who has his defending champion Gary (IN) SouthShore RailCats atop the American Association’s Central Division, has long been a proponent of having only four starting pitchers, which has to have him respected by old-school baseball people since virtually all of the professional baseball universe […]

Whether It Is a Pete Rose Appearance, Community Pride Or Anti-Bullying Efforts, Independents Bring Dividends

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Pete Rose’s one-day managerial stint provided the biggest national publicity bump in some time, but if one is willing to look just a bit beneath the surface of the baseball games themselves it is easy to find all sorts of positives emerging in communities with Independent Baseball teams. We will see all sorts of flag-waving […]

Laredo’s Travis Denker Putting Up Stunning Numbers; Pete Rose Luring the Media for One-Day Managerial Role

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Travis Denker is putting up such gaudy offensive numbers this season as if there is no tomorrow. He won’t turn 29 until August, not exactly ancient the way major league organizations are snapping up 30-somethiing Independent players these days, nevertheless, if you have only had 37 big-league at-bats in a 12-year pro career it probably […]

David Peralta, Jason Lane Debuts Highlight Busy Week of Indy Players Getting to Major Leagues

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David Peralta would seem to have the greatest upside of four former Independent players promoted to the major leagues since the left-handed outfielder, who was playing in the American Association (Amarillo, TX) only 11 months prior to his major league debut with Arizona, has not even reached what normally is prime time for a baseball […]

What Would Farm Systems Do Without Indy Players? Atlantic League Team Loses 4 Hurlers in a Week

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One has to wonder what the major leagues would do these days to keep their farm system rosters full if Independent Baseball teams were not available. The Somerset (NJ) Patriots have filled the equivalent of nearly one-third of a pitching staff all by themselves in the last week.  Four pitchers, including three starters, were purchased […]

As Can-Am League Opens Season, A Former MVP Breaks Up No-Hit Bid

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Perhaps it was an omen with the Can-Am League starting its season less than 24 hours later (Thursday) that a onetime Most Valuable Player in the league made news by breaking up a no-hitter in its companion league, the American Association. Nick Giarraputo, who won MVP honors while with the New Jersey Jackals (Little Falls) […]

Long Island’s Blevins Has Done a Great Deal While Still ‘Fighting for An Opportunity’

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Bobby Blevins has accomplished a great deal on the pitcher’s mound, including establishing the all-time record with 32 victories at LeMoyne College, playing a key role in the Long Island (NY) Ducks’ back to back Atlantic League championships and getting to take part in the Asia Series last November, but when you talk to the […]

Nathan Winston Wants to Pitch Despite Prosthetic; Chris Martin Latest Indy Player in Majors

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Longtime Independent scouting expert Nick Belmonte alerted me to a possible story when I ran across him in Florida in late February, then called a few days ago to explain that Nathan Winston, who had his left leg amputated when he was four because of a birth defect, had been a part of the intently […]

Major Leagues Still Grabbing Independent Talent With Arizona and Atlanta the Busiest

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This week’s tip to Independent Baseball players hoping to attract a major league organization:  Reach out to the first Arizona Diamondbacks scout you can find. While all 30 major league organizations have at least one player who has been in an Independent league, the D-Backs are the most active in trying to utilize such talent.  […]

Atlantic League Boss Reveals Start of Licensing, and Talks Of MLB Meeting and Expansion as 17th Season Launches

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The unveiling of the Atlantic League’s 17th season–Independent Baseball’s 22nd campaign–begins in earnest Thursday night with the usual suspense because teams have such a short pre-season to sort through roster issues although the on-the-field interest could be rivaled this time around by some of the board room planning which could change the league’s business dynamics […]

NBA Star Tracy McGrady, Japanese, Cuban Hurlers All Part of Buildup to New Atlantic League Season

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The 2014 Independent Baseball season debuts next week with the startup of the Atlantic League season, which once again opens about three weeks ahead of everyone else on the non-major-league-affiliated map because of its 140-game season. The interest in the Atlantic League seems especially high ahead of Thursday’s (April 24) openers not only to eventually […]

Adjustments Paying Off for Chris Colabello, Who Still Speaks Highly of Years in Independent League

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Speaking of 2011 Independent Player of the Year Chris Colabello, the seven-year Can-Am League (Worcester, MA and Nashua, NH) vet currently hitting cleanup every day for Minnesota, has another honor, sharing American League Player of the Week honors with the Los Angeles Angels’ now-injured Josh Hamilton. Colabello, who has already been used at first base […]

Independent Count in Majors Doubles in Two Years And Opening Week Performances Are Dazzling

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Baseball’s Opening Day is such a celebration some have suggested it should be a national holiday. No group has more reason to be happy with the first few days of the season this year than the Independent Baseball industry because a record 20 of its former players were on active major league rosters and another […]

Ian Thomas of Braves May Be Biggest Surprise Among Former Independent Players in Major League Camps

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The biggest surprise among the 51 former Independent Baseball players who started spring training with major league teams may be southpaw reliever Ian Thomas, who spent his first three seasons and part of a fourth after coming out of Virginia Commonwealth University as a non-drafted player in three separate non-affiliated leagues.  He always struck out […]

After Four Years of Seasoning, Still Another Independent Star Could Be Heading Toward the Minnesota Twins

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The stars all seem aligned perfectly for C. J. Ziegler as last year’s power king tries to become another Independent Baseball product to pull on a major league baseball uniform.  It probably will not come as early as this year, but the leader of last season’s Wichita (KS) Wingnuts bears close scrutiny. Ziegler seems to […]

Which Independent Players Will Make It to Opening Day? 51 Have Been in Major League Camps

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One year it was Chris Coste, another Jon Weber and last season Scott Rice and Chris Colabello. The names change, but the stories are similar.  Players who have devoted years of determination and grit to beat the odds of climbing all the way from Independent Baseball leagues, through the affiliated minors and perhaps…just perhaps…squeezing their […]

Twins, Nationals Take Two of Independent Baseball’s Power Hitters in Ziegler and Peterson

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With so much talk in the baseball universe about the lack of power hitting prospects, it is good to see that people in the Minnesota and Washington scouting departments have been paying attention. They have grabbed two of the best long-ball artists the Independent leagues have produced recently. The Twins stepped up to ink the […]

They May Not All Be Like Scott Kasmir, But Independent Baseball Has Another Crop Within Reach of Majors

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Not everyone will end up with a $22 million contract as Scott Kazmir has only a year removed from working his way back through Independent Baseball and the winter leagues, but a new crop of players who have taken the same route over the last nine months is making it appear others could follow the […]

With 58-21 Record and Shelf Full of Awards, Josh Lowey Is Still Looking for a Major League Organization

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It is a never-ending question why some players get their contract picked up by a major league organization while others with decidedly better credentials do not. Our focus today is on pitcher Josh Lowey. Start with the fact the right-hander has put together a 58-21 record the last five seasons in three separate Independent leagues.  […]

Long After Surgery, Top Independent Find Sherrill ‘Hoping Track Record’ Will Lead to New Opportunity

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It is very easy to have a soft spot toward George Sherrill because he has been one of Independent Baseball’s greatest finds, right up there with Kevin Millar, Rey Ordonez and Daniel Nava, but the truth is the 36-year-old lefty faces the same predicament as many other free agents on this November day.  He needs […]

Success From Last Year’s Class Bodes Well For Trio of Independent Hurlers in Arizona Fall League

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The Arizona Fall League still plays pretty much in anonymity for everyone operating outside of baseball’s talent evaluation offices, but players realize all too well that with an invitation to spend several weeks in the desert they are looked at as real candidates to break into the major leagues in the not-too-distant future.  They can […]

Onetime Independent Reliever Leaves Emphatic Message In Confidence on Way to American League Championship Series

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The latest lesson in the confidence needed for an Independent player to succeed on baseball’s greatest stage was delivered emphatically this week when Boston’s Craig Breslow marched out of the Red Sox bullpen and struck out four consecutive Tampa Bay hitters to keep the Beantowners’ deficit at a single run, 1-0, until their offense could […]

Ottawa and Montreal Buoy Can-Am Spirits For Two Years From Now

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Barring any stunning surprises at league meetings in the next two weeks, the American Association and Can-Am League appear headed for their third consecutive season with some form of inter-league play, but two Canadian developments have Miles Wolff feeling optimistic the Can-Am is getting some traction to build beyond its current five-team landscape. The commissioner […]

Coaches, Players Who Came Through Independent Leagues Will Have Roles in American League’s Postseason

September 27, 2013 by · 1 Comment 

The constant search this column undertakes to find meaningful stories on current or former Independent Baseball personnel has once again resulted in some nice nuggets heading into major league baseball’s postseason with the further tip that every fan of the unaffiliated game should lean heavily to the American League starting next week. It is a […]

Salvi Family Claims the Independent Game’s First Double With Championships in Both Gary and Schaumburg

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The last time I wrote extensively about Chicago attorney Pat Salvi was at the end of last season’s college football season when this proud father—plus wife and business partner Lindy—were rightfully popping their parent buttons because they had two sons on the Notre Dame football team. They have two more reasons to be more than […]

106 Major League Victories This Season; You Bet, and That Is Just for Independent Leaguers

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Twenty-one years ago when Kash Beauchamp was signed off the St. Paul (MN) Saints’ roster in the Northern League and assigned to Class AA the naysayers were continuing to pooh-pooh the future of this new thing called Independent Baseball.  Those who believed it could succeed likely were in the minority. We have pointed out the […]

Indy Leagues Serving It All Up Right Now With League Records, MLB Calls and Maybe a 20-Game Winner

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Baseball people realize this is a magnificent time of year for numbers crunchers because of the pursuit of various individual and team records, and there certainly will not be any disappointment as this season works toward its climax. The Independent game is right in the mix with such heady topics to drool over as a […]

With Talent and Motivation, Kevin Hooper ‘Without Concern’ As Wichita Powerhouse Readies for Playoffs

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“To be honest, there is no concern.” How often does a manager talk in such confident terms?   Never might be too soon, right? Yet, that was exactly what Wichita (KS) Wingnuts Manager Kevin Hooper said this week when I asked him what his biggest concern was heading into next week’s American Association playoffs. Let me […]

While New Leagues Are Slow to Develop, Independent Roster in Majors Grows Rapidly

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Independent Baseball is continuing to turn out major league players in impressive numbers—two more just this week—but operators are not finding it nearly as easy to start new leagues or even to nail down new franchises. A new league has not started and lasted since the Can-Am League launched in 2005, and even that was […]

A Familiar Name; Clemens, Son Koby, That Is, Catches Sugar Land Staff, Sets Home Run Record

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So much has been said about the Sugar Land (TX) Skeeters in their first two seasons—gorgeous stadium and outstanding attendance, dominant pitching, national spotlight when Roger Clemens made two appearances, player sales left and right to major league organizations and this year Gary Gaetti’s club has been the best the Atlantic League has to offer. […]

Fox’s 3 Consecutive Walk-Offs May Be a First, But Albers’ Brilliant Debut Shares Top Billing

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It does not happen this way often when two ultra-heroic events divide attention about deadline time.  When it does, one deals. Jake Fox made the first bid for attention when the Somerset, NJ (Atlantic League) designated hitter collected walk-off hits in three consecutive games.  We do not know if it has ever been done before, […]

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