September 26, 2023

Three-Headed Cy Young Race

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The race for AL Cy Young is down to three pitchers. Detroit Tiger Max Scherzer, Texas Ranger Yu Darvish and Seattle Mariner Felix Hernandez all have their cases for the top pitching award but only one can take home the hardware. Scherzer boasts a 19-1 record, a surefire winner in 1992. Darvish is the only […]

Second Half Help

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They aren’t all prospects but they all could help you in one way or another. Here is one player from each team worth picking up for the 2nd half of the season. Note: All players are 30% owned or less in Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball Arizona Diamondbacks - 3B Matt Davidson – The Futures Game MVP […]

Chris Davis is the real Home Run King

July 13, 2013 by · 4 Comments 

After hitting his 36th home run on Saturday Davis has reached a pace to put him at 61 by the end of the season. This continues to be the number by which baseball fans use to denote a record setting campaign. We brush aside Bonds, McGwire and Sosa because of the steroid allegations (and admittance) […]

Another Shining Example of a Well-Built Team

July 2, 2013 by · 1 Comment 

The Pittsburgh Pirates are the first team to reach 50 wins in 2013 and though they have a ludicrously long streak of finishing seasons under .500, this is surely the year it will be washed out. The Pirates are in this position in part from smart team and franchise management from Neal Huntington. Since he’s […]

It’s Rookie Time!

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We’ve made our way into mid-June and it’s time for the rookies to come out of hiding. They’ve been holed up in double and triple-a, just waiting to make an impact on your fantasy roster. You may wonder why I spend so much time talking about rookies and why every week I talk about minor […]

The Only All-Star Team Without Miguel Cabrera

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I could make this easy on myself and just talk about the best players at each position but sports is goofy sometimes. You likely have one or two guys on your team that you hadn’t heard of when the season opened. Those guys are real the fantasy All-Stars, the ones who slipped under the radar, […]

On the Mound, On the Way and On the Radar

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Three top pitching prospects are about to take over the 2013 season and your fantasy roster. Act now and you could have a trident of rookie pitching helping to carry you to the playoffs. One of them has already made his Major League debut this season, another’s team has stated he’ll be doing so soon […]

The All-Star Ballot

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Major League Baseball has a huge problem and anybody who plays fantasy baseball has experienced a similar scenario as a manager. Call it what you want, jumping the gun, premature or a plain “too early” but baseball needs to wait on when they release their All-Star ballots. Any smart fantasy manager knows you can never […]

Stash for a Smash

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We are now into the Sweet Spot time period starting in May and going through June where impact rookies will get called up from the minor leagues. Guys that will make an impact both for their team and YOUR team. Here are four guys who haven’t seen the majors in 2013 that could be starters […]

So Much Theft He Should Be Arrested

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This year Yahoo! leagues have added a new NA spot to their rosters. Much like adding a player on the DL, fantasy owners can pick up Minor Leaguers and set them aside, making zero impact on their roster size. Up until this season, if you wanted to stash a top prospect he had to take […]

The Stamp of Disapproval

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Usually I’m calling out players and giving them my stamp of approval, but not today. There are four guys I talk about who might be on your team that are sure to disappoint you in the very near future. Two of them are pitchers that you can hear me rant on in the podcast and […]