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Maddux: A Dozen Memories

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The 2014 MLB HOF class includes one of the greatest right-handed pitchers of all-time, Greg Maddux.  I had the privilege of watching “The Professor” pitch a dozen times in person.  Here are the games ranked in order of effectiveness. Game 12: May 8, 2006 at Petco Park (Chicago Cubs)  On this night, ‘Mad Dog’ was […]

MO-ments: 21 Rivera Games

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During the past 18 years, I had the opportunity to watch Mariano Rivera pitch on 21 separate occasions.  Listed below are the appearances ranked from least effective to most memorable: Game 21: June 28, 1996 at Yankee Stadium vs. Baltimore Orioles Mariano Rivera relieves Dwight Gooden in the seventh inning with the scored tied 2-2.  […]

Are 1800s Innings Pitched Totals Valid?

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Should the enormous innings pitched totals of hurlers in the nineteenth century be adjusted based on the distance thrown? In order to compare eras, let’s take a closer look at the progression of distances from the pitching “box” to home plate since 1876. 1876-1880: 45 feet 1881-1892: 50 feet 1893-2013: 60 feet 6 in In […]

We Declare Peace on War

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The 2013 Major League Baseball season begins Sunday night. In preparation for another exciting campaign, the founders at 60ft6in.com has introduced a new pitching metric called Pitcher Evaluation ACE (PEACE). This new tool compares each pitching season to the average historical season. The structure of PEACE is similar to Factor12. However, adjustments have been made to account for […]

Strasburg Saga: Open Letter to Nats GM

September 8, 2012 by · 3 Comments 

Dear Mike Rizzo, I am so disgusted with the handling of Operation Shutdown.  As a baseball fan, Stephen Strasburg is one of the great reasons to watch the game.  His overpowering fastball, devastating slider, change-up, and wicked curveball make him a marvel to witness. The Nationals will not win the World Series without their ace right-hander. […]

Boras Innings Limits

August 25, 2012 by · 1 Comment 

There have been countless excerpts written about the innings limit placed on Stephen Strasburg in 2012.  His own representative, Scott Boras, recently defended the Washington Nationals decision (GM Mike Rizzo) to shut down Strasburg once his pre-defined innings total is reached for the season. Boras is best known for his outlandish free agent requests and infamous tactics […]

Bob Gibson’s 1968 Season Is Overrated

June 11, 2012 by · 6 Comments 

The 1968 MLB season featured the greatest pitching statistics in the live ball era (since 1920).  However, thanks to the Factor12 (F12) Rating on 60ft6in.com, baseball fans can delve deeper into the statistical minutia and uncover the real truth. Bob Gibson 1968 F12:   22-9 / 1.12 ERA/ 0.85 WHIP / 28 CG / 13 SHO / 304.67 IP […]

Factor12 Top12 Last12

April 17, 2012 by · 2 Comments 

Over the last twelve MLB seasons, there have been some legendary pitching performances.   The Factor12 Rating is able to quantify each successful season or failure.  Where does your favorite pitcher rate against the competition? Since 2000, there have been 7569 pitching seasons. Of these occurrences, only 12 times has a pitcher recorded an F12 Rating over 33.000. […]

What Does F12 Really Mean?

April 7, 2012 by · 1 Comment 

As previously defined, the Factor12 Rating (F12) is an analytic measurement utilizing league average performance to compare the value of all MLB pitchers. In basic terms, F12 is a rating that takes into account all aspects of pitching. It produces a number on a scale of 0.000-infinity (theoretically), where the average pitcher’s value is 24.000. […]

The Factor12 Rating Returns

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The Factor12 Rating (F12) is an analytic measurement utilizing league average performance to compare the value of all MLB pitchers on 60ft6in.com. F12 consists of the following twelve statistics incorporating every aspect of pitching. Innings Pitched (IP); Strikeouts Minus Walks (SO-BB); Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP); Earned Run Average (ERA); Walks plus Hits per Innings Pitched […]

Before Ichiro: Masanori Murakami

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Ichiro Suzuki, of the Seattle Mariners, has established himself as one of the most reliable players in Major League Baseball.  In 2009, the Japanese sensation broke a 108-year-old mark of eight straight 200-hit  seasons set by Wee Willie Keeler in 1901.  Since his rookie season, the incomparable Ichiro has tormented  MLB pitchers by amassing hits […]

Red Ruffing: HOF Perseverance

January 8, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

How does a pitcher start his career 39-96 and end up in the Hall of Fame?  This is the amazing story of Charles  Herbert “Red” Ruffing.  He was born on May 3, 1905 in the tiny village of Granville, Illinois.  At an early age,  Ruffing dropped out of school and tended to a mine ventilation […]

The Best Pitcher Ever is?

December 15, 2010 by · 3 Comments 

Who is the best pitcher of all-time?  This is a difficult question to answer due to the vast changes in the game over the past century.  For the purpose of this exercise, relief pitchers, such as Mariano Rivera, have been eliminated from contention to increase the value of innings.  Meanwhile, qualifiers must have played for […]

The Myth of the 300-game Winner

November 18, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

It has been often written that the 300-game winner will never exist again. This is a total fallacy.  There have been only twenty-four such occurrences in Major League Baseball history.  Did you know that there are more members in the 3000-hit club and the 500-home run club? The role of the starting pitcher has changed […]

Doubles, Two-Baggers, Halfway Home

November 15, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

Earl Webb: Doubles anomaly withstands history

Triples: The Forgotten Base

November 9, 2010 by · 3 Comments 

The art of the triple sculpted by the master, John “Chief” Wilson in 1912.

Addie Joss: The Best Unknown Hall of Fame Pitcher Ever

November 5, 2010 by · 5 Comments 

The story of Hall of Fame pitcher, Adrian “Addie” Joss, is one of a remarkable baseball prodigy cut short by a fatal illness. He was born on April 12, 1880, in Woodland, Wisconsin, the only child of Swiss immigrants. Joss grew up in the small community of Juneau, before starting his minor-league career with the […]