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The Top 40 Pitchers of the 20th Century

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Bill James’ WIN SHARES system is the ultimate baseball statistic currently available to judge exactly how good a season a player had. That is the view of Dr. Michael Hoban -retired mathematics professor and serious baseball analyst. And that is why the professor has used WIN SHARES in his new book to create a new Hall of Fame monitor. The NEWS monitor tells us which players (whether in the HOF or not) have TRUE Hall of Fame numbers.

Professor Hoban has been a baseball fan for over 60 years and a serious baseball analyst for the past ten years (he is a member of SABR – Society for American Baseball Research).

The professor says that the publication of the book WIN SHARES in 2002 changed the face of baseball analysis where the comparison of baseball players is concerned. WIN SHARES is the most comprehensive tool available since it takes into account virtually every phase of a player’s contribution to his team – and adjusts for such things as different eras and different ballparks. And that is why Hoban has used the WIN SHARES system to create the NEWS Hall of Fame Monitor.

If you want to see a serious but somewhat different approach to ranking the best baseball players of the 20th century, this is it. Every fan with an interest in baseball’s Hall of Fame will want to examine this new ranking of the TRUE Hall of Famers.

Click here to see the professor’s list of the top 40 pitchers of the 20th century.

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