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Seamheads Historical League Preview – Part 6 of 7 – Expansion Two Division

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In our Sunday doubleheader of Division previews, the latest entries into Major League Baseball are introduced in their SHL form starting with the expansion teams of 1969.

In 1969, the Kansas City Royals, Milwaukee Brewers (originally the Seattle Pilots in 1969 before moving to Milwaukee in 1970), San Diego Padres and Washington Nationals (known as the Montreal Expos from 1969 to 2004) joined MLB and while only one of the four teams have produced a World Championship, one of the four will be guaranteed a playoff spot and a chance at SHL supremacy.

KANSAS CITY ROYALS (1969-2008, 1 World Championship, 2 Pennants, 7 Playoff Appearances)

GENERAL MANAGER: Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star Writer

40-Man Roster

Catchers (3): Mike Macfarlane, Darrell Porter, John Wathan

Infielders (12): Willie Aikens, Mike Aviles, Jay Bell, George Brett, Gary Gaetti, John Mayberry, Jose Offerman, Dean Palmer, Freddie Patek, Cookie Rojas, Mike Sweeney, Frank White

Outfielders (8): Carlos Beltran, Johnny Damon, Jermaine Dye, Bo Jackson, Hal McRae, Amos Otis, Danny Tartabull, Willie Wilson

Pitchers (17): Kevin Appier, Steve Busby, Marlon Byrd, David Cone, Zack Greinke, Mark Gubicza, Larry Gura, Al Hrabosky, Charlie Leibrandt, Dennis Leonard, Gil Meche, Steve Mingori, Jeff Montgomery, Dan Quisenberry, Bret Saberhagen, Joakim Soria, Paul Splittorff


vs. LHP
1. Willie Wilson (CF)
2. Willie Wikens (1B)
3. George Brett (3B)
4. Bo Jackson (LF)
5. Danny Tartabull (RF)
6. Frank White (2B)
7. Darrell Porter (C)
8. Jay Bell (SS)

vs. RHP
1. W.Wilson (CF)
2. Johnny Damon (LF)
3. Brett (3B)
4. Tartabull (RF)
5. Aikens (1B)
6. F.White (2B)
7. Porter (C)
8. J.Bell (SS)

Bench: B.Jackson/Damon, Mike MacFarlane, John Mayberry, Cookie Rojas, Gary Gaetti, Freddie Patek

1. Bret Saberhagen
2. David Cone
3. Zack Greinke
4. Mark Gubicza
5. Charlie Leibrandt

Al Hrabosky
Steve Mingori
Jeff Montgomery
Dan Quisenberry

Joakim Soria

On the Farm:John Wathan, Mike Sweeney, Jose Offerman, Dean Palmer, Mike Aviles, Carlos Beltran, Amos Otis, Jermaine Dye, Kevin Appier, Dennis Leonard, Gil Meche, Paul Byrd, Steve Busby, Paul Splittorff, Lary Gura

Five Questions…

  • Does the one World Championship of the Division make the Royals the odds on favorite?
  • How good would Bo Jackson have been if he focused only on baseball?
  • Another team with two catchers, could a play at the plate wipe out one of those team’s seasons?
  • Gary Gaetti was “The Rat” and Freddie Patek was “The Flea”.  How do you get stuck with those nicknames?
  • There’s a definite drop in pitching quality with each successive division, isn’t there?

MILWAUKEE BREWERS (1969-2008, 1 Pennant, 3 Playoff Appearances)

GENERAL MANAGER: Patrick Ryan, Minor League Pitcher

40-Man Roster

Catchers (3): Johnny Estrada, Charlie Moore, B.J. Surhoff

Infielders (11): Jeff Cirillo, Cecil Cooper, Prince Fielder, Jim Gantner, John Jaha, Mark Loretta, Paul Molitor, Don Money, Richie Sexson, Gary Sheffield, Robin Yount

Outfielders (8): Jeromy Burnitz, Rob Deer, Bill Hall, Corey Hart, Geoff Jenkins, Ben Oglivie, Gorman Thomas, Greg Vaughn

Pitchers (18): Chris Bosio, Mike Caldwell, Chris Capuano, Francisco Cordero, Chuck Crim, Doug Davis, Cal Eldred, Mike Fetters, Rollie Fingers, Teddy Higuera, Scott Karl, Bob McClure, Dan Pleasac, CC Sabathia, Ben Sheets, Larry Sorensen, Salomon Torres, Bob Wickman


vs. LHP
1. Paul Molitor (2B)
2. Robin Yount (SS)
3. Jeromy Burnitz (RF)
4. Prince Fielder (1B)
5. Greg Vaughn (LF)
6. Don Money (3B)
7. Gorman Thomas (CF)
8. Charlie Moore (C)

vs. RHP
1. Molitor (3B)
2. Yount (SS)
3. Burnitz (RF)
4. P.Fielder (1B)
5. Ben Oglive (LF)
6. G.Thomas (CF)
7. B.J. Surhoff (C)
8. Jim Gantner (2B)

Bench: Moore/Surhoff, Money/Gantner, Oglive/Vaughn, Cecil Cooper, Gary Sheffield, Bill Hall, Geoff Jenkins

1. Ben Sheets
2. Ted Higuera
3. CC Sabathia
4. Doug Davis
5. Chris Bosio

Dan Pleasac
Mike Fetters
Francisco Cordero
Bob McClure

Rollie Fingers

On the Farm: Johnny Estrada, Richie Sexson, John Jaha, Jeff Cirillo, Mark Loretta, Ryan Braun, Corey Hart, Rob Deer, Bob Wickman, Salomon Torres, Cal Eldred, Chris Capuano, Scott Karl, Mike Caldwell, Chuck Crim, Lary Sorensen

Five Questions…

  • Should Francisco Cordero’s impressive year and a half as a Brewer push him into the closer role over Rollie Fingers?
  • Can a simulated Ben Sheets stay healthy?
  • If Rob Deer ever played a full 162 games in a season, would he have struck out 200-plus times?
  • Would CC the Brewer outpitch CC the Indian and will we find that out during the season?
  • If the franchise also had to pick an All-Time manager, would be the top team without a clear cut favorite?

SAN DIEGO PADRES (1969-2008, 2 Pennants, 5 Playoff Appearances)

GENERAL MANAGER: Geoff Young, Author/Writer

40-Man Roster

Catchers (3): Terry Kennedy, Benito Santiago, Gene Tenace

Infielders (11): Roberto Alomar, Ken Caminiti, Nate Colbert, Tony Fernandez, Adrian Gonzalez, Khalil Greene, Ryan Klesko, Mark Loretta, Phil Nevin, Gary Sheffield, Garry Templeton

Outfielders (9): Steve Finley, Brian Giles, Johnny Grubb, Tony Gwynn, Carmelo Martinez, Kevin McReynolds, Gene Richards, Bip Roberts, Dave Winfield

Pitchers (17): Andy Ashby, Andy Benes, Mark Davis, Dave Dravecky, Rollie Fingers, Goose Gossage, Greg Harris, Trevor Hoffman, Bruce Hurst, Randy Jones, Clay Kirby, Craig Lefferts, Scott Linebrink, Lance McCullers, Jake Peavy, Eric Show, Ed Whitson


vs. LHP
1. Bip Roberts (LF)
2. Tony Gwynn (RF)
3. Gary Sheffield (3B)
4. Nate Colbert (1B)
5. Steve Finley (CF)
6. Mark Loretta (2B)
7. Tony Fernandez (SS)
8. Benito Santiago (C)

vs. RHP
1. Roberto Alomar (2B)
2. Finley (CF)
3. Gwynn (RF)
4. Ken Caminiti (3B)
5. Ryan Klesko (LF)
6. Adrian Gonzalez (1B)
7. Fernandez (SS)
8. Terry Kennedy (C)

Bench: Kennedy/Santiago, Gonzalez/Colbert, Loretta/Alomar, Sheffield/Caminiti, Klesko/Roberts, Garry Templeton, Dave Winfield

Andy Benes
Jake Peavy
Andy Ashby
Eric Show
Dave Dravecky

Mark Davis
Craig Lefferts
Scott Linebrink
Goose Gossage

Trevor Hoffman

On the Farm: Gene Tenace, Phil Nevin, Khalil Greene, Johnny Grubb, Carmelo Martinez, Brian Giles, Kevin McReynolds, Gene Richards, Rollie Fingers, Greg Harris, Lance McCullers, Ed Whitson, Clay Kirby, Bruce Hurst, Randy Jones

Five Questions…

  • Maybe the starting pitching of the Expansion teams have dipped compared to the Original teams but what about these bullpens?
  • Is it justifiable to put Mark Loretta at second against lefties and bench Roberto Alomar?
  • It took almost 70 years after Rogers Hornsby for a player to hit .300 or better for 19 years or more.  How long will it take for someone to accomplish the same feat that Tony Gwynn did in 2001 when he hit over .300 in his final season?
  • Does the Padres’ second Cy Young winner, Gaylord Perry, belong on the roster?
  • Can a simulated Jake Peavy stay healthy?

WASHINGTON NATIONALS (1969-2008, 1 Playoff Appearance)

GENERAL MANAGER: Jonah Keri, Author/Writer

40-Man Roster

Catchers (2): Mike Fitzgerald, Gary Carter

Infielders (12): Bob Bailey, Hubie Brooks, Orlando Cabrera, Wil Cordero, Delino DeShields, Ron Fairly, Andres Galarraga, Mark Grudzielanek, Ron Hunt, Al Oliver, Jose Vidro, Tim Wallach

Outfielders (10): Moises Alou, Andre Dawson, Vladimir Guerrero, Tim Raines, Ken Singleton, Rusty Staub, Ellis Valentine, Larry Walker, Rondell White, Brad Wilkerson

Pitchers (16): Tim Burke, Jeff Fassero, Woodie Fryman, Ken Hill, Charlie Lea, Dennis Martinez, Pedro Martinez, Andy McGaffigan, Carlos Perez, Pascual Perez, Jeff Reardon, Steve Rogers, Mel Rojas, Dan Schatzeder, Ugueth Urbina, John Wetteland


vs. LHP
1. Tim Raines (LF)
2. Delino DeShields (2B)
3. Al Oliver (1B)
4. Vladimir Guerrero (RF)
5. Andre Dawson (CF)
6. Tim Wallach (3B)
7. Gary Carter (C)
8. Wil Cordero (SS)

vs. RHP
1. Raines (LF)
2. DeShields (2B)
3. Oliver (1B)
4. Larry Walker (RF)
5. Dawson (CF)
6. Wallach (3B)
7. G.Carter (C)
8. Cordero (SS)

Bench: V.Guerrero/L.Walker, Mike Fitzgerald, Andres Galarraga, Jose Vidro, Ron Hunt, Hubie Brooks, Moises Alou

Pedro Martinez
Dennis Martinez
Pascual Perez
Carlos Perez
Ken Hill

Ugueth Urbina
John Wetteland
Woodie Fryman
Jeff Fassero

Jeff Reardon

On the Farm: Ron Fairly, Orlando Cabrera, Bob Bailey, Mark Grudzielanek, Brad Wilkerson, Rondell White, Rusty Staub, Ellis Valentine, Ken Singleton, Mel Rojas, Andy McGaffigan, Dan Schatzeder, Tim Burke, Charlie Lea, Steve Rogers

Five Questions…

  • This team looks a lot better than a franchise that made just one playoff appearance, doesn’t it?
  • How dangerous will this team be on the base paths?
  • Can Pedro the National beat out both Big Units and Pedro the Red Sock for the strikeout title?
  • Will a simulated President’s Race ever produce Teddy Roosevelt as the winner… and would Youppie play a role in the outcome?
  • How much better will this team be when they don’t have to worry about talent being purged for younger players?

And now it’s time for:


1. Nationals
2. Padres
3. Royals
4. Brewers

Expansion Two MVP: Tim Raines, Nationals
Expansion Two Cy Young: Bret Saberhagen, Royals


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  1. John says:

    There’s a lot of talent on that Nationals roster. I think I might have to root for them and Pedro.


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