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Let’s Play Some Ball

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I check the weather forecast and it’s supposed to be in the sixties this weekend.  I can see the sun coming up earlier and earlier and staying up later and later.  Those might be signs, but the real indicator that spring is returning comes today, as the Cardinals take on another MLB team.  Baseball games are back!

St. Louis heads over to Mets camp to take on the New Yorkers.  Obviously, it’s a lineup devoid of stars, but right about now most Cardinal fans would take the players on the single A team getting on the field if it meant baseball.  Evan McLane will make the “start” (hard to call it that in what is basically a bullpen game, but he is the first pitcher out there) and the team will be evaluating everything that happens out there.  These early games are the best chance for young players to make an impact on the coaching staff, even if they aren’t going to be in St. Louis to start the season.
In case you were wanting to watch the game, I got an e-mail from MLB PR indicating that the blackout had been lifted in St. Louis and you’ll be able to watch the game on MLB Network today, with the NY announcers.  So if you are home around noon and have MLB Network, fire it up!  I know I would, if either of those conditions applied.
Of course, there’s not a lot you can take away from today’s game.  It’s the smallest of sample sizes, one game, maybe one or two at bats for a lot of these guys, a couple of innings at the most for the pitchers.  I am interested to see how Adam Ottovino does, to see if he can start to reclaim that prospect tag he’s had in the past.  Otherwise, I’m just wanting to have some actual baseball to talk about!
As a lot of us expected, the timetable for Brendan Ryan returning to the team by opening day is getting more tentative by the story.  Ryan thinks he can be ready by March 21, but Tony LaRussa doesn’t seem to be as optimistic.  A lot of Cardinal fans were afraid that this might be the situation, though it could be that TLR is just being abundantly cautious.  It’ll be interesting to see what kind of pieces get moved around in regards to this.  If Ryan starts on the DL, does that mean that Allen Craig might get a chance to go north, even if it’s just for a week or two?  Would Tyler Greene being the opening day shortstop?  Lots of time left, but it’s something to keep an eye on as games progress.
Baseball games are back.  It’ll be easy to have a great day today!
(Oh, and in passing, how strange does this look?)

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