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Back Against It

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The biggest news from Cardinals camp yesterday didn’t come out of the matchup between the Cards and the Red Sox, between Chris Carpenter and Josh Beckett.  The news of the day was made before the game even started and hopefully hasn’t put the team’s back to the wall.

Albert Pujols didn’t make the trip yesterday as scheduled due to back stiffness, instead seeing a chiropractor for an adjustment.  Now, anytime Pujols has so much as a hangnail, Cardinal Nation starts grabbing the paper bags, having hyperventilation of the non-prospect kind.  For good reason, of course–as Pujols goes, so go the Cardinals.  Even with the solid club that John Mozeliak has put together for 2010, the foundation is AP and without him, it’s a much tougher climb.
If the reports coming out of the team are true, this is more precautionary than anything, that if it was the regular season he might play through it.  We’ll see more when he takes the field on Wednesday and hopefully this will be the last report of such things.  It’d be a shame for him to finally have that elbow feeling good to be then sidelined by his back.
The game had some interesting facets as well.  Carpenter wasn’t sharp, it sounds like, but he was still fairly effective.  It’s always good to see Carp go out there and be the pitcher we know he can be.  After so many injuries, last year seemed like a mirage–if you looked too close, it would vanish and those promises would be empty.  It didn’t happen last year, though, and as he said yesterday, you don’t really worry about every start being his last.  Well, at least too much.
Brendan Ryan is coming along quicker than expected, according to reports.  Which is not the way Cardinal injuries usually go, but it’s a welcome change.  I’m still not 100% that Ryan won’t start the year on the DL, but at least now it looks like the chances of that happening are starting to decrease.
It’s a big day in prospect circles.  There will be a lot of focus on the Nationals game, where Stephen Strasburg is to make his spring training debut, but closer to home, Shelby Miller is likely to get into today’s game against the Twins.  Odds are it’ll be his last appearance with the big squad, getting sent to the minor league camp afterwards, but still it’ll be intriguing to see him on the mound, giving the team a glimpse of the future.
Adam Wainwright should get the start today against Minnesota, so looking forward to seeing the Wagonmaker back in the saddle.  And i you’ve not voted in the Cardinal Approval Ratings, best get to it!

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