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Remembering Babe Dahlgren: A Video Montage

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When I first met Matt Dahlgren, thanks to the power of Facebook, his grandfather Babe was merely the answer to a trivia question:

Q: When Lou Gehrig’s consecutive games streak ended on May 2, 1939, who replaced Gehrig in the Yankees’ lineup?

A: Babe Dahlgren

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That was the extent of my knowledge about Babe’s career and life, in general.  But after reading Matt’s outstanding book, Rumor In Town, I developed a deep respect and admiration for Babe and Matt.  Here’s an excerpt from my review of Matt’s book:

The story of Ellsworth “Babe” Dahlgren is about more than just the life of a ballplayer. It’s about redemption, loyalty, promises made and kept, and love; love between a grandfather and grandson, between a player and his boyhood idol, and between a man and the game he fell for at age six while sitting in the bleachers at San Francisco’s Recreation Park in 1918.  Unfortunately the game didn’t treat Dahlgren nearly as well as he treated the game.

When Matt contacted me recently and asked for my permission to post a few videos he’d made to my Seamheads Facebook page, I gladly consented.  When he sent me the first video, I offered to host them here at as well.  When he sent me the second video, I insisted.  By the time I finished watching the third video, I had tears in my eyes (if your eyes aren’t welling up by the end of the third video, you’re manlier than I).

So grab a box of hankies, pull up a chair, and enjoy this moving tribute to a man that respected Major League Baseball a hell of a lot more than Major League Baseball respected him.

Video #1: Highlights of Babe’s performance in the 1939 World Series, in which he slugged .571

Video #2: Montage of photos from Babe’s career and quotes from his contemporaries

Video #3: Babe replaces his hero, the legendary Lou Gehrig

To learn more about Matt’s fantastic book, Rumor In Town, and purchase an autographed copy directly from the author for far less than you can get it anywhere else, please visit

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