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Seamheads’ Guess the Photos Contest

March 26, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

One of our readers recently commented on the fantastic photos that are part of the banner, but was dismayed to learn that I hadn’t identified them in an article.  So he took a few wild guesses, then suggested I hold a contest to see who could name the players in the 13 photos.  I thought that was a great idea.  So here’s the deal: you have until Opening Day (April 4) to submit your guesses (one per contestant please).  The person who names the most players will win a free Seamheads t-shirt or mouse pad featuring art work from my good friend and fellow Bostonian Chip O’Brien, or possibly a book from my library.  In fact, if enough people enter, I might award prizes to the top three participants.

At least one of the photos is so obvious I expect all of you to get that one right.  The others are a mix of relatively well known and totally obscure.  By the way, there’s really no rhyme or reason that I chose these photos other than I liked the way they looked and thought they represented well.  So if you go looking for hints within the site itself, you’ll be gravely disappointed.  There are none.

Good Luck!


2 Responses to “Seamheads’ Guess the Photos Contest”
  1. Steve Ryan says:

    1 – Cleveland Naps 1910-1914?
    2- Abner Dalrymple
    3 – unidentified Boston Red Stockings Player (Pg 22; Baseball an Illustrated History by Ward & Burns)
    4 – Moses Fleetwood Walker
    5 – Baby Doll Jacobson
    6 – Babe Ruth
    7 – James “Cool Papa” Bell
    9 – John McGraw
    11 – Mart Dihigo
    12 – Bill Gleason

  2. Mike Lynch says:

    Wow, Steve, that’s impressive!

    1. Yes to 1914, but who’s the player?
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. Yes
    5. Yes
    6. Yes
    7. Yes
    9. No, but good guess (it sure looks like McGraw)
    11. Yes
    12. Yes

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